Are you on an all-consuming

emotional fertility rollercoaster?

Endlessly trying and waiting for …

You are not alone.

Infertility is heartbreaking, exhausting, and lonely.

I know because I’ve been there.

I’m Jasmine. After struggling for six years with TTC and being given the crushing news that I had less than a 1% chance of having a baby, I finally figured out how to get off that emotional rollercoaster. This led me to become pregnant within months of being told I had less than a 1% chance. 

How did I do it?

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The F R E E dom Method: 

How to Find Control in Your Fertility Journey

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I help women release the emotions, stress, and pure exhaustion of their fertility journey easily by approaching it with a mindset of an artist so they can live a life where no obstacle will ever get in their way of being “happy.”

A few years ago, I was given a less than 1% chance of having a biological child. This news came in my fifth year of trying and crushed me. It was five years of endless medical appointments, medications, multiple IUIs, IVF, and all the physical and emotional feelings that come with the journey. This moment was the lowest point of my fertility journey.

What happened next might surprise you.

Instead of taking professional advice to stop trying, I went a different route.

Today, I now have two biological children that I am forever grateful for.

It was during this time that I realized I should be approaching my fertility the same way I approach a challenge at work. By profession, I am an artist on animated feature films.

By approaching my fertility through the eyes of an artist, I saw multiple views and found numerous creative solutions to what felt like an impossible problem. It allowed me to see fertility outside the box, giving me many solutions and peace of mind knowing that I would be happy in the future — and that resulted in my two kids.


That’s why I created this free training so that you can learn more about it and how to apply it to your journey.  

In the free training, I will share with you my story, the four common misconceptions I encountered during my fertility journey, how to design your own journey, and how to take control of your journey moving forward. 

This approach is a creative way that anyone can quickly learn, do, and use to see results. My experience and results are the driving force behind my free training.

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Let’s get you off that emotional rollercoaster 

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The F R E E dom Method:
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Let's get you off that emotional rollercoaster

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