OMG !!! I can't believe this day has finally come.  The moment when we find out if we are pregnant or not.  The wait felt like forever. In reality it was just a little over a week 😉 The day started with me going into blood work for the pregnancy...
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My Infertility Story

Here’s to less than 1% … 

My story starts with my 5 + year struggle of getting pregnant.  There was a point where a doctor told me I had less than a 1% chance of having my own baby and that I should start looking into adoption or an egg donor.  

Fast forward, I now have my daughter, T and a day never goes by where I don’t feel so grateful and lucky to have her in my life.  I hid my story for a long time from family, friends, even from myself in some ways, but now I am telling my story in hopes that it helps others so they know they are not alone. 

As I go through this all again to try for my second little miracle, I have decided to document the process through journal entries and FB live feeds. Follow me on FB Live for live feeds and follow me here for continued resources & support.

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mother and baby

My journal

See where I am in the process.  I am documenting my current IVF cycle through my journal entries and FB Live videos. 

Graduated to my OBGYN :: 8 week ultrasound

It feels like it was yesterday that I was in my OBGYN's office with my first pregnancy. Yet, it also feels like a lifetime ago at the same time. Does that make sense?  It feels like yesterday in that it is familiar. The waiting room, the doctor, and the casual...

we have a heart beat!!!

Going in today I was extremely more nervous than I thought I would ever be. Why was I so nervous? Honestly, It comes down to hearing and reading so many stories where there was no heart beat.  I know this should not effect me so much, but how could it not?  I'm only...

second ultrasound

Has it already been a week? Time is flying by but still going slowly as we wait for the heart beat! Today we ALL went in for the second ultrasound because T is getting over a virus and was not able to go to daycare today.  Secretly, I didn't mind as I loved having my...

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It's time to relax

Feeling STRESSED?  You are not alone.

Stress plays a big role as we go through our infertility struggles.  Stress is also the last thing we need when dealing with a situation like this.  I would like to share with you what has worked for me to relieve stress.

This short 10 minute meditation session each day does wonders.  The best part is that it does not take a large amount of time so it’s easy to start.   I am sharing this meditation with you in hopes that it helps you too!

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Random videos that make me smile.



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