*Photo above from shutterstock. Don’t worry – I did not take a picture of myself in the bathroom!

I just went to the bathroom to find a little spotting. (sorry if this is TMI! but after everything I have shared, this should not be a big deal). My initial thoughts … worried & bummed. I know that I have heard and read that spotting does not mean you are not pregnant. It could actually be a result of implantation. I know I should not jump to any conclusions but I am human and my thoughts will always think about the scenarios.

I came out and told Matt immediately.  He looked at my sympathetically and also mentioned that it does not mean it did not work.  I know .. I know .. I say.  .. and I do know, but I am getting more anxious.

Next move?  Google of course! I go online and google “spotting before beta” . I come upon a forum where a woman is asking the same question:

I anxiously scroll down to see the responses:

Here is the person that asked the question follow up later ..

Needless to say that this thread made me feel better.  I could go down a huge rabbit hole right now and keep on googling endlessly and try to self diagnose myself but I am stopping here.  I decided to write this journal entry instead!

Now for some meditation and sleep.

Sleep well my friends.  I wait for Monday.

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