I’m Jasmine Katatikarn, aka “JazzKatat” and it is my mission is to inspire women to design their own perfect imperfect lives.

If you were like me, growing up – there was always an emphasis on being perfect, that’s what we strived for .. have perfect grades to get into a good school, get the perfect job, find your perfect partner in life .. have the perfect family … work at a dependable “job” and retire at 65 = THE PERFECT LIFE.  I like so many others fed into this life plan that was laid out for me at an early age. I studied hard and went to a good college (check!), I had a successful career (check!), I married an amazing person (check!) .. create that perfect family?!? Well, that is where my “perfect” checklist of life plans halted. I still laugh at my naive mindset when I had it all worked out in my “plan”, start trying at 31, by 35 I will have 3 kids …  A year went by .. then two .. and finally by the 4th, 5th year of trying.  I was now over 35 with no kids, the age where I should  have had 3 kids …  my perfect plan had failed and did not know anything else. After I was told that I would have less than a 1% chance of having my own child, it was one of the lowest points in my life. What I didn’t realize at the time, it was that moment that led me to transform myself into the person I am today, one that I am very grateful for. If creating a family would have come easy to me, then I would have never realized what I am sharing everyday with you now.

As a designer by profession, my super power is the ability create and design beautiful visual art. It’s a skill that has always come natural to me. I would use this “super power” in my profession as a lighting artist for computer animated films to everyday life of photography, digital art, home design and crafts with my kids. What I realized later is that I could use these same skill sets to affect my overall happiness in life. What does everything have in common as my work as an artist/designer? It’s the ability to see the beauty & potential in everything, even something that may not seem beautiful and transform it into something that one may not have initially seen. Even before I had my 2 little miracle kids, I was able to resolve my feelings about the possibility of not having that “perfect” planned out life through my ability to transform myself into a different work of art. One that was not planned but ultimately has become more beautiful than I have ever imagined. 

Life is full of imperfections. We can choose to focus on the negative aspects of those imperfections or move our focus to the beauty and how we can use these imperfections to create something we never imagined. A beautiful work of art, or in this case, a beautiful life regardless of the obstacles. This is my goal every day and my mission to help you in designing your perfect imperfect life. Because life is absolutely not perfect, but we have the power to create our own version of the perfect imperfect life. I hope you will join me in designing your version of the perfect imperfect life.


By day I work in computer animation on feature films.  In my spare time, I enjoy photography and creating beautiful things!


Lucky to be the mother of two amazing kids. I am grateful for everyday I have with them.  It’s pure joy to watch T & Lee grow!


Always motivated to push things to the next level.  I can make an idea into reality .. I just need to be inspired!


Travel and food, two of my favorite things.  Avid traveler and constant eater – there is nothing I won’t try!  Bring on the adventures.


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