I’m Jasmine and this is my site where I can just be me, share my experiences and explore topics that interest me.

I love to create things from moving images to wooden stools.  Mainly, I enjoy being inspired and take the most joy out of the simple things like going to get coffee, taking a run in the park and walking through the farmers market on Sunday mornings. (Ha! I just described my ideal weekend day.)

After going through multiple years of struggling with infertility and even being told that it would not be possible to have my own child, I feel so lucky and grateful to have T in my life.  Having T has made me more aware of how the choices in my life effect not only myself but her and my family/friends as well.  I am more motivated than ever to design the life that I want. As a role model for her and a presence in her life, I am designing filled with energy and happiness, and free of regrets, should haves, and could haves.

Here at  jazzkatat.com, I plan to document my experiences and my infertility story as I design the life I want.  My infertility struggles are something I never thought I would say outloud, let alone to the public, but I feel after going through it myself, that feeling of loneliness and shame in some cases made the experience even harder than it needed to be.  If I could help even just one person by telling my story, it will be all worth it.

Hopefully my story can help motivate, help, heal and inspire you … or at least entertain you along the way.

I hope you follow me on my life adventures!


By day I work in computer animation on feature films.  In my spare time, I enjoy photography and creating beautiful things!


Lucky to be the mother of an amazing 1 year old.  I am grateful for everyday I have with my little T.  It’s pure joy to watch her grow!


Always motivated to push things to the next level.  I can make an idea into reality .. I just need to be inspired!


Travel and food, two of my favorite things.  Avid traveler and constant eater – there is nothing I won’t try!  Bring on the adventures.



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