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See below calender for details on cold culture steps.

I thought showing you the calender of events would be helpful to show what goes on daily so you can get an good view of my every day as I go through this process.  I will be updating this as I go, as most of the treatments/procedures are not scheduled in advance.  It is all dependent on your body!

That being said, here is a summary of what I hope to achieve!  (of course, I am probably jinxing myself by putting this out there .. let’s hope not! fingers crossed x 1,000,000!!)

April: Cold Culture

– Vitamins, change of diet

– Cold Culture procedure.

– Step 1: phone after you get your period

– Step 2: start taking ovulation tests at home starting day 10 after your period began (this is dependent on how long your cycles are)  I should note, I am very happy they allow me to do the ovulation tests at home, I believe last time I had to go in for some morning monitoring.  Not having to go in every morning saves so much time and stress.

– Step 3: Once I get a “hopefully” positive ovulation test, I phone and they will schedule me for the cold culture – they are do it on Tuesday/Thursdays.

– Step 4: Go on estrogen patch (must call nurse about this)

– Step 5: Blood work needs to be done before procedure (only done on Monday/Wed/Fridays)

– Step 5b: Matt (spouse) also needs blood work done.

Next month: IVF treatment .. It’s important we try to get the IVF treatment in May because Cornell is closed in June and we are going away in July – so that would delay everything until August!! aack! tick tick tick  .. 🙁

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