Was your life plan to have __ kids by now?

I get it. This was certainly the case for me. “My perfect plan” was to have three kids by the age of 35. Instead, at 35 years old,  I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office, after five years of TTC, being told I had less than a 1% chance of having a child. 

Now what?  What to do when life doesn’t go as you envisioned it? 

Do you give up? 

That certainly is one option, but there are better options.

If I had given up after being told by a medical professional that I should give up, I would not be here writing to you today, as I watch my two kids happily playing with my husband.

Please, DO NOT GIVE UP. There is a solution and I am here to share it with you.

I’m Jasmine Katatikarn, aka “JazzKatat.” I’m an ACC Certified Coach, Life Strategist, and Animation Artist. I help women release the emotions, stress, and pure exhaustion of their fertility journey easily by approaching it with a mindset of an artist so they can live a life where no obstacle will ever get in their way of being “happy.” 

As an artist, I have the skills to find creative solutions to any problem. I use these skills in my profession as a lighting artist for computer-animated films, as well as in my everyday life through photography, family life, and entrepreneurial ventures. 

But the real superpower of an artist is not the creative work itself, but the ability to use the same skills to affect overall happiness. 

Instead of accepting that there is nothing to be done when given an impossible situation and feeling defeated, I see the opposite – I look for the potential and hidden beauty in the situation to solve the problem. I think of multiple alternatives and start testing, visualizing, and iterating multiple solutions and reframing what a perfect life means. Life is full of imperfections, and rarely does everything work out as planned.

We can choose to focus on the negative aspects of those imperfections or focus on beauty, on how we can use these imperfections to create something even better. We can think like a designer to create a beautiful work of art, or in this case, a beautiful life based on how we approach and take actionable steps to facing our obstacles. 

This is my goal every day, and my mission to help you with your fertility journey and life. Life is not perfect, but we have the power to design our version of “Perfect.” 

This creative mindset is how I approached my fertility journey that resulted in getting pregnant only months after I was given a less than 1% chance of having a child. 

In a time where medical terms surround much of the discussion around fertility, what meds to take, what foods to eat, what exercises to do, and everything in-between. It’s a breath of fresh air to get a completely different perspective that can effectively give you easy control over your fertility journey. 

I am here to share with you the artist’s mindset so that you can easily apply what I did to your fertility journey and life moving forward. 

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My less than 1% family … Imagine if I had given up? 

Create your multiple versions of “happy.” 

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The F R E E dom Method:

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By day I work in computer animation on feature films.  In my spare time, I enjoy photography and creating beautiful things!


Lucky to be the mother of two amazing kids. I am grateful for everyday I have with them.  It’s pure joy to watch T & Lee grow!


Always motivated to push things to the next level.  I can make an idea into reality .. I just need to be inspired!


Travel and food, two of my favorite things.  Avid traveler and constant eater – there is nothing I won’t try!  Bring on the adventures.

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