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Do you just want to know that

You will be “successful” in your fertility journey


Everything will be okay?

I can relate because I’ve been through it

I am here to give you that peace of mind through actionable tools and skills.

Learn a new way to approach your fertility journey by using the process of creative thinking to overcome any obstacles you might face.

Hi, I’m Jasmine, a certified coach and artist.

A few years ago, I was given a less than 1% chance of having a biological child. This news came in my fifth year of trying and crushed me. It was five years of endless medical appointments, medications, multiple IUIs, IVF, and all the physical and emotional feelings that come with the journey. This moment was the lowest point of my fertility journey.

What happened next might surprise you. 

Instead of taking professional advice to stop trying, I went a different route.

And as a result, Today, I now have two biological children that I am forever grateful for.

How did I do it? 

You might be thinking: 

Did you change your diet? 
Start doing acupuncture? 
Spend hours, days, weeks … years googling “how do I get pregnant?” 

The answer is yes, yes, and yes, I did all those things (and a lot more!), BUT those are not the ultimate answer to “How did I do it?”    

This might be hard to believe, but I overcame the crippling news that I had a less than 1% chance of having a child by using creative thinking and problem-solving tools. You might be thinking, wait? What???  Let me explain!

By profession, I am a computer animation artist. (random tidbit, but you will see how this ties in!) When I was coming back that day from the doctor’s office after being told to essentially “give up” trying for a biological child, I sat at work feeling numb and lost. 

To distract me, I started doing what I do best, creating. While I was problem-solving a work situation, it occurred to me that how I approach obstacles at work is nothing like how I approach obstacles in my life, specifically in my fertility struggles. 

I had been going through my fertility journey, blindly trusting in others. I felt intimidated by medical professionals and lacked confidence in making choices for myself. I never stopped to question. It was at this moment when I decided to change that way of thinking. 

During this time, I realized I should be approaching my fertility the same way I approach a challenge at work. Through creative thinking!

By approaching my fertility through an artist’s eyes, I see multiple views and find numerous creative solutions to what might feel like an impossible problem. 

It allowed me to see fertility outside the box and resulted in my two kids opening up multiple options and avenues of solutions. 

Think of it this way, imagine you get directions, and you follow it, only to find that it leads to a dead-end in a dark little alley.  What do you do? 

Well, you could throw up your hands, end your journey and say that it’s impossible. (Me, when my dr told me to that, I reached a dead end)


You could use creative thinking to back up, look around, and see all the possible alternatives that you never realized were there. 

That is what I did that resulted in my having two biological children after being led to a dead-end and being told to give up. And I am here to share it with you. 

This approach to fertility is one that anyone can learn, do, and see positive results. I help my clients do this by working with them one on one to get them off the emotional rollercoaster and into a place of empowerment, control, and moving forward.  

What I show them and will show you are a concrete set of tools and skills that you can apply to your fertility journey and, in fact, any challenge you encounter in life. 

If you are wondering, “Can this really work for me?” 

I want you to know that it can, and it’s backed by science. 

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. 

Studies have shown that the way you think can positively affect all aspects of your life. A Kings College study in London found that positive thinking reduces anxiety.

Alternatively, your thinking can also do the opposite and negatively affect your outcomes when you let it. 

I make sure that my clients are always in the former category, harnessing positive thinking tools that will enhance all aspects of their lives, not only fertility. 

When I first started working with Anne, she had been trying to have a child for over 3 years. She had gone through multiple procedures and her energy, hope, and everything in between was draining. She felt lost, full of fear, and uncertain. In our first meetings, we talked it out and created several scenarios, from her ideal to even the scenarios she didn’t even want to think about. After playing out each scenario, it gave her a clear picture of multiple possibilities (not just one!). Her “scariest” scenario was surprising when she talked it out, it actually was not as scary as she had thought with many positive aspects. This freed her of her fear and anxiety as she moved forward and allowed her to destress. Do you know what happened next? Anne got pregnant naturally within months and today her son is almost 2 years old. 

This is the power of taking a breath and assessing all your options through creative thinking to keep on moving forward and focusing the positives and on what you can control instead of the opposite.

Learn more about how I can help you

Life. reimagined.

How I can help you

I know that this journey is hard and that is why I am here to help you every step of the way through personal one-on-one fertility coaching.

I provide you with:

Personalized and specific guidance 

    • As your coach, I will create a customized program for you that is designed explicitly towards getting you to your goals. Examples include original creative thinking exercises and custom artwork that portrays your specific values and strengths. 

The tools to approach your fertility journey from a different perspective.

    • The tools and exercises I do with my clients are anything but dry. They will fuel the creative side you didn’t know you had and will also help get your thoughts and imagination flowing to help you dream even bigger than you ever thought. My tools will get you out of your head and in space to reimagine a life you once might have thought was unattainable. 
    • The tree of life is a beautiful custom work of art that I create for every client to portray their priorities, strengths, and goals all in one piece. Many of my clients hang it up in their homes to remind them of their goals, strengths, and values. 
    • A customized personal hub where all our work together can be viewed in one easy place that you can always reference to, to keep you on track and accountable. View example HERE

Multiple road maps of how to get to your goals. No more wandering lost. You will be focused, clear, and confident every step of the way. 

    • Imagine you are taking a road trip across the country. What’s the first thing on your list of must-haves? A map on how to get there with the stops along the way for the essentials (food, sleep, gas…). It would be crazy not to have that planned out, right? But if you think about it, that’s precisely how we go through life. Wandering around without a clear map of where we are going, how we are getting there, and what essentials we need along the way. No wonder we spend years and often a lifetime not getting where we want to be.


Fortunately for you, working together means that you won’t have this problem. We will develop a clear road map on not just one way, but multiple ways on how to get to your goals along with the core elements you need to thrive on getting there!

This is a game-changer by itself!

Support every step of the way.

    • This is a lonely and emotional journey. We all need support to keep us well and moving forward. Let me be that person for you. I am your coach, sounding board and will be with you every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone. 

Teach you how to use creative thinking to your advantage to keep you always moving forward and overcome any obstacles. 

    • Creative thinking is a powerful way to problem solve and work your way around any obstacle that you may encounter. I teach my students how to utilize this powerful skill so they will no longer get “stuck”. This is a powerful way of thinking that will help you succeed in every aspect of life, not only fertility. I like to refer to it as a secret super power! 


Let’s talk about how I can help you ease the stress, pressure and anxiety in your fertility journey.


My Fertility Coaching is for you if

  • You are ready to take control of your fertility journey
  • You are tired of waiting 
  • You are committed to taking action to create a positive outcome


This coaching is not for you if: 

  • You want to focus on the medical aspects of fertility solely.
  • You are not open to thinking outside of the box and gaining different perspectives.
  • You are not fully committed to making this happen for yourself.


*(I genuinely wish I could, but) I can’t guarantee you’ll get pregnant if you work with me, and I’m not a medical doctor. But I can help you create a positive outcome — regardless of what your doctor or anyone else says. Ultimately, this is your journey, and I will show you the tools to take control of it.

My less than 1% family … Imagine if I had given up? 


I am here to help you.

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