Pictures don’t lie … but they also don’t tell you the entire story.  What goes on beyond the happy moments, what happens when things get tough and are not all sun and smiles.

As most of you know if you are reading this – We went through a very long emotional, physical and financial journey to have our daughter, T.  If you haven’t heard my story, you can watch it here from FB Live (apologies, it’s long! I will try to create a more condensed version soon).  I would do it all again in a second for the reward of our daughter.  Looking back on everything, it has changed who I am to the core.  It has changed me for the better.  I can truly say because of my infertility journey, I am a better person in so many ways and I am truly grateful for those around me.  I look at the world differently and more importantly I respond and communicate to people differently. Previous to this struggle, I was not a mean person by any means (or at least I don’t think I was!)  .. .. but, I did not necessarily think about the hardships or things that might be going on with people behind the scenes.  I took everything for face value – life was black and white.  Now, I look at the world not in black and white, but a series of grays with so many shades – one can not even count.  If someone is rude, I try to think before reacting – perhaps they are going through something or they have their reasons (or of course, they could just be a rude human being .. lol).  Either way, I don’t let them get to me and I try to be as respectful as I can.

Now, as I start my journey in attempt for Miracle #2, I am coming into this very differently from my previous journey of having my daughter, T, yet in some ways it has not changed at all.  There is the hope and uncertainty.  The uncertainty for me is by far the hardest part to deal with in this process.  Yes, the physical pains, time and financials are hard.  For me, the emotional is 100x harder.  I will be documenting it all here so you will get a clear picture of what goes on “behind the scenes”.  The real and the gritty.  I will also be on FB Live every Tuesday at 9:30 pm EST to give updates, go over topics or just to say hi!  Follow me there and join in on the conversation!!

I hope this helps you –  If you are going through a similar process, if you have gone through something similar yourself or if it just helps you learn more about the process so you can be more sensitive the next time you think about making a baby related comment to a friend/family member.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your support and hope to give you some support as well.

Here’s to hope and the power of being open in telling my story.  It’s in the struggle where greatness is born.  There is nothing greater than the  hope to create a human life.  You are not alone.

It's time to relax

Feeling STRESSED?  You are not alone.

Stress plays a big role as we go through our infertility struggles.  Stress is also the last thing we need when dealing with a situation like this.  I would like to share with you what has worked for me to relieve stress.

This short 10 minute meditation session each day does wonders.  The best part is that it does not take a large amount of time so it’s easy to start.   I am sharing this meditation with you in hopes that it helps you too!

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