Another morning, another day of morning monitoring. I’m on Day 10, and I have just come back from morning monitoring. I am currently taking 300 Gonal F, 150 Menopur and 0.25 mg Cetrotide every evening. One of the most important things about morning monitoring is looking at the number of eggs that are developing and their size. Anything over 10 mm is considered a possibility and ideally they should be around 20 mm from what I have been told.

After today’s monitoring, I have only 3 over 10 mm.  This is low even for me, in the past I have gotten around 6-7 possible eggs.  There is still time of course for the ones under 10 mm to catch up but it’s getting close to the finish line.  The doctor estimated that I would need to come into morning monitoring every day from now on and a possible trigger shot on the 18th or 19th which would be Thursday or Friday (today is Tuesday).  It’s all happening so quickly!!

I have to keep on reminding myself that it only takes one good egg, that is all I need, so I shouldn’t be so concerned that I do not have more.  Right?!??!! ..   right.

Okay, looks like tomorrow I am in for another day of morning monitoring.  I know it’s only been a little over a week, but it definitely feels much longer.  Let’s keep on going!  Fingers crossed!!

Here is my instagram story of my morning ( @jazzkatat )

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