It’s 6:55 am and I have just arrived to the waiting room for morning monitoring.  I realized that I often mention morning monitoring but you may not necessarily know what it is.  This journal entry is for you!  I am refreshing my memory as well – since it’s the first time I’ve been to morning monitoring for over 2 years.  It’s like riding a bike, all comes back :p.

Let’s walk through my morning and the typical morning monitoring routine so  you get an idea of what it entails:

1a. Get yourself all the way east to York avenue! I am so thankful for the new 2nd ave line – it has made this commute so much easier, I still have memories of it taking over an hour to just get across the park to York with all the morning traffic via bus.

1. Check in at front desk

2. Wait …

IVF - waiting room

3. Insurance / finance check in

This does not happen every time- only the first visit and to update you if insurance does not cover.  Today I was given a “price” sheet of all the procedures that I will be responsible for if I do not have insurance coverage.

cost of services

4. Wait again …

IVF - waiting room

5. Blood work

IVF - taking blood

6. Go over med instructions

IVF - med instructions

7. Wait again …

IVF - waiting

7. Pass the time by making silly selfie faces …

IVF  waiting selfies

8. Ultrasound

IVF - ultrasound

(Note – blood work  and ultrasound are interchangeable- they call whatever is available first from what I can tell)

They contact you during that same day via phone to go over blood work and any possible changes in instructions based on tests for that day.

9. Rush home to see a snippet of T before bringing her to school.

(ah, I miss my precious morning time with T due to the morning monitorings!)

Tonight I officially start the injection meds & I go back Thursday morning (**was Thursday, now Wednesday – Dr. called me at 7:30 pm to tell me to check in and told me to come in Wed. after looking at my lab results – that’s how this whole process is, everything is uncertain and you have to be ready to roll with it .. especially the schedule!)  for blood work (estrogen patch stays on until Wednesday) …


(cringe.. )

going home

Pro tip: Go EARLY!

Morning monitoring hours are 6:30 – 9:30 am.  In past cycles, I would come in at 7:30/8:30 am and would be stuck waiting in a very crowded waiting room.  With this new cycle, since I have T this time around, Matt and I have a new routine where I go right when the hours open, so I am able to get back in time to bring T to school.  Getting there before 7 am, I walked into an almost empty waiting room.  Was stress free and probably took half the time if I had come an hour later.  When I left, the waiting room was very full!

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