LIFE Balance … (not Work/Life Balance!)

We often hear the term work/life balance. Do you hear this term a lot? Do you use this term a lot? I know I did to both. I use to think that the ideal was a 50/50 even split and that one was separate from the other. Now I think differently. What do I mean? Take a look:



Traditionally, when we think of work/life balance the visual is half of your time for work and the other half for life. When looking at this, one has to wonder – wait?? Within life, there are so many different subareas – love, family, health, play, travel .. it goes on and on. Work on the other hand is essentially what most consider the job that you must do in order to enjoy the “life” side. Doesn’t that seem uneven? Also work is integral in life, just as health and love is – so that is why I now refer to the balance not as work life balance but an overarching “LIFE Balance”. This is what the new visual looks like:

What do you think? If you are thinking whaaaaat?? Step back and take a deep breath and think about it again, healthy, love and play are all incredibly important categories, just as if not more important than work. It makes sense that they should not all be lumped into “life”. They deserve to be focused on separately and on equal footing with “work”. Now that we have defined the balance, how are you doing? 

Let’s make sure we have all our essentials checked and in good working order. Some days I think I have it down, other days I’m convinced it’s this magical unicorn theory that someone has made up and there is no real way to achieve it!

Well, I’m here to tell you if you feel like that, you are not alone .. I am right there with you. The good news is that it’s completely normal and that there is something to be done about it! Yes, I said it .. you .. I .. anyone can make this balance real. I didn’t say it was going to be perfect though. Let’s work together to make it the perfect imperfect LIFE balance!!


A Perfect Imperfect Life.

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