Mother’s Day …

I spent a lot of time in bed this morning thinking about Mother’s Day … originally I had planned to post a pic of me with my little ones singing all the joys and happiness associated with today but then all these mixed emotions came when I remembered the time when we were trying so hard & long to have a baby.

Mother’s Day brought on very different feelings – the feeling that another year had gone by and I still was not pregnant … will I ever become a mother? Those kind of thoughts .. and the posts of endless mom pics would be a bit painful for me to see.

For those reasons I wanted to write this post for all those that may be on their own #fertilityjourney … I know all to well how hard this day can be for you and I wanted to you to know that you are not alone. Know this – you are stronger than you may think and no matter what the outcome, embrace life to the fullest for yourself. Investing in yourself you will always win.

Instead of a pic of T & Lee on this day, here is a pic of Matt & I on our last trip before I had a successful IVF round .. it was one of my most favorite and stunning hikes – & we would never had experienced this if we didn’t continue embracing what made us happy. By this point, it had been 5 + years of trying .. even through it all we never stopped living life to the fullest, traveling, eating and doing all the things we 💛. It is because of this journey & how we continued to invest in ourselves & experiences that we are the people and parents we are now.

Stay strong and go out and do what makes you happy. Whatever what journey you maybe on – don’t let it take over your life in a negative way – use it to your advantage to appreciate the things you love to push you further as a person.

It’s in the struggles where greatness is born!

… and thank you Matt for being there right with me throughout 😘

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