My Fertility Story

The reason I started this site was when I “came out” with my fertility struggles. It was through sharing my journey that has allowed me to grow and feel comfortable to share my life journey with you. Therefore, my journey to motherhood is dear to my heart, not because of the miracle kids I have due to it, but because of the process I went through, it has made me into the person I am today. If you are not familiar with my fertility story, you are welcome to read about it below.

Here’s to less than 1% …

My story starts with my 6 + year struggle of getting pregnant.  There was a point where a doctor told me I had less than a 1% chance of having my own baby and that I should start looking into adoption or an egg donor.

Fast forward, I now have my daughter, T and my son, Lee and a day never goes by where I don’t feel so grateful and lucky to have them in my life.  I hid my story for a long time from family, friends, even from myself in some ways, but now I am telling my story in hopes that it helps others so they know they are not alone.

As I went through my IVF journey for the second little miracle, now my son, Lee – I  decided to document the process through journal entries and FB live feeds which you can view here.

I created this to help you go through this impossibly hard journey – to design what seems like an imperfect life into your own version of perfect. Remember, there is no such thing as the “perfect” life, even those you think that have the “perfect” life are most definitely going through struggles you have no idea about. Join me in creating the new concept of “perfect”.

A Perfect Imperfect Life. 

My infertility story …

This is my infertility story.

I hope this helps you in some way!

This is only the beginning – I will continue being a voice of support.

You are not alone!!


Follow my daily journal as I hope and try for another miracle ….

Mother’s Day … when you are “trying” to get pregnant

Mother’s Day ... I spent a lot of time in bed this morning thinking about Mother’s Day ... originally I had planned to post a pic of me with my little ones singing all the joys and happiness associated with today but then all these mixed emotions came when I...

National Infertility Awareness Week 2018

It's National Infertility Awareness Week ... Someone on social media was kind enough to send me a link nominating me as an Infertility Social Warrior. This is someone that I have never met and I only know through sharing my story publicly.   Getting this simple...

Graduated to my OBGYN :: 8 week ultrasound

It feels like it was yesterday that I was in my OBGYN's office with my first pregnancy. Yet, it also feels like a lifetime ago at the same time. Does that make sense?  It feels like yesterday in that it is familiar. The waiting room, the doctor, and the casual...

we have a heart beat!!!

Going in today I was extremely more nervous than I thought I would ever be. Why was I so nervous? Honestly, It comes down to hearing and reading so many stories where there was no heart beat.  I know this should not effect me so much, but how could it not?  I'm only...

second ultrasound

Has it already been a week? Time is flying by but still going slowly as we wait for the heart beat! Today we ALL went in for the second ultrasound because T is getting over a virus and was not able to go to daycare today.  Secretly, I didn't mind as I loved having my...

first ultrasound

It's been a little over a week since we got the voicemail that we are pregnant. To be honest with you, it still does not feel real. I have gone to work every day, continue life with the daily routines. ... Every now and then, I pause and think - "wait? I'm pregnant!"...


OMG !!! I can't believe this day has finally come.  The moment when we find out if we are pregnant or not.  The wait felt like forever. In reality it was just a little over a week 😉 The day started with me going into blood work for the pregnancy test.  Same routine...

pregnancy test tomorrow!

T gives my belly a kiss and a pep talk.  We asked her if there was anyone in there and if so, could she say hello for us. I sit here writing the night before my pregnancy test.  Tomorrow morning I will get up, just as I have done for the countless morning monitoring...

a little spotting? nervous.

*Photo above from shutterstock. Don't worry - I did not take a picture of myself in the bathroom!   I just went to the bathroom to find a little spotting. (sorry if this is TMI! but after everything I have shared, this should not be a big deal). My initial thoughts...

the dreaded progesterone shot …

The Progesterone Shot I do not know if it was because the progesterone shot was the last of the shots I took last time that it has created a strong memory in my mind, but this is the shot that I dread.  During the last IVF cycle, I remember distinctly the feeling of...



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