It’s National Infertility Awareness Week …

Someone on social media was kind enough to send me a link nominating me as an Infertility Social Warrior. This is someone that I have never met and I only know through sharing my story publicly.


Getting this simple message brought back a lot of emotions related to my fertility journey. If you have never heard my fertility story, you can view it here:

(This is the shortened version! the first time I told it, on facebook live, it ended up being over an hour long … :O). 


1. I can’t believe it’s only been a year … 

It’s only been one year since I went public with my fertility struggles and the long journey we went through. That also means it’s only been over a year where I also went public with my social media accounts on facebook and instagram!  Before this, both were completely private. When I went public I believe I had about 230 instagram followers, now just about a year and a half later .. I’m almost at 40k! I still remember talking to Matt and friends wondering if I really wanted to share not only something so personal, but also share pictures of my family on social media to those I did not know … well, it’s been a year and while at times I still have some concerns about sharing so many pictures of T (and now Lee) – overall, all the community and support have been more than I could have imagined.

2. A lot can happen in a year … 

I sit here writing this while on maternity leave. Yes, maternity leave?! If you had told me a year ago when I was so extremely nervous to just talk about the years of trying and failing and trying again .. and all the struggles I went through – that in a year, I would be nominated as a 2018 infertility warrior, holding my 2 month old son and be so much more open in sharing all my thoughts and family life – I truly would have never believed it. 

It is amazing what releasing emotions and opening up can do.

As I said – a lot can happen in a year. I am truly a different person (and I hope! it’s a better version!!)

3. More to come …

During this transition in my life, I have also found clarity in my goals for the future. 

1. I want to make more time for my family and being there as they grow. That is my “why” as I move forward with ventures that will allow me to be flexible with my time, so I don’t have to choose between work and family time.

2. I want to continue helping others in anyway I can. I have been doing this in many ways so far. For now, I receive many private messages that I am happy to respond to and give as much help as I can. I am also working with the amazing Angela Le to create a place where anyone anywhere can go and benefit from to help them in their own journey. Our goal is to reach and help as many women as possible no matter where they live and their economic situation. We are calling it leKATAT . Stay tuned for the release and if you want to stay updated, submit your email below to stay in the loop. 


(Don’t worry, we won’t use it for any other reason but to tell you that resources are available to help you in your own journey!)

4. Extremely grateful 

I know I’ve said this many times, but it really can’t be said enough. I am grateful for my TWO amazing children that I never knew would ever be possible. I am grateful for my loving husband, who is an even more amazing father, who I certainly do not deserve. I am grateful for the person and mother I have become because of this journey … AND I am grateful for this community that has grown from me being willing to open up my life and they have opened up their lives to me as well. 

Thank you, xx 

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