OMG !!! I can't believe this day has finally come.  The moment when we find out if we are pregnant or not.  The wait felt like forever. In reality it was just a little over a week ūüėČ The day started with me going into blood work for the...
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My Fertility Story

Here’s to less than 1% … 

mother and baby


My story starts with my 6 + year struggle of getting pregnant.  There was a point where a doctor told me I had less than a 1% chance of having my own baby and that I should start looking into adoption or an egg donor.  

Fast forward, I now have my daughter, T and a day never goes by where I don’t feel so grateful and lucky to have her in my life.  I hid my story for a long time from family, friends, even from myself in some ways, but now I am telling my story in hopes that it helps others so they know they are not alone. 

As I go through this all again to try for my second little miracle, I have decided to document the process through journal entries and FB live feeds. Follow me on FB Live for live feeds and follow me here for continued resources & support.

If you want to catch me LIVE on Facebook – follow me here!

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Snippets from life.

happy easter!

happy easter!

HaaaPppYy Easter "That bunny is scary ... " - T (my daughter) T said this numerous times even after the party was over. lol ... I have to agree with her. As a child myself I was extremely scared of all of these adults dressed up as fictional characters. Of...

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Missing T …

Missing T …

Since Lee has been home, I have cried twice. One would think that I would be crying due to overwhelm and the simple exhaustion of having a newborn, but these are not the reasons. I cried both times because of T.  

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let’s eat! 

Take a look at some recipes that I have been experimenting with.  All recipes are geared towards a healthy way of living. Happy eating!

Healthy & easy overnight oats (no sugar added!)

Healthy & easy overnight oats (no sugar added!)

Overnight oats I recently started looking into healthy and quick breakfast options since I am almost always running late in the mornings.  Matt leaves for work before T even wakes up so that usually means it's all up to me in the mornings to get myself and T...

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Collard Green Wraps

Collard Green Wraps

I've been exploring alternative options to everyday foods with a healthier twist on it.  This is when I came upon the idea of using collard greens for wraps instead of the traditional flour or wheat wraps. As soon as I tried this, I wondered why it's not more...

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All things design, diy and creating!

DIY Owl Halloween Costume

DIY Owl Halloween Costume

Last year I waited to the last minute to make a halloween costume and decided this year I would plan ahead.  Well ... I planned ahead but then left the execution to the last minute!  Next year, perhaps I will get both planning and execution down ahead of...

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Art at Home

Art at Home

Welcome to my little art collection at home. My friend Ignacio made a special request to go over the artwork I have hanging in my home.  So here it is! You can watch the video from the FB Live feed of it here: Original link to FB Live video HERE Below is some info...

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Create your very own belly timelapse!

Introducing the PREGMO APP!

When I was pregnant with my daughter after trying for so long, I was so incredibly grateful and I wanted a way to document the incredible change my body was going through. I started taking a photo of myself almost every day during my pregnancy. Nine months later, I found I had the most amazing animated visual of my growing belly bump, all in a short video.

As I shared my video with friends and family, I had many people ask me how I did it. To most of my friends, the process sounded overwhelming. As a visual artist by trade, I am proficient with programs and processes that allowed me to put together the video, although it was complicated and time-consuming. I wanted to give others the option to create the same thing I did, but in an easy-to-use system.

Thus, Pregmo was born!

Pregmo App is everything I did to create my original belly time lapse, but without the complicated and time-consuming work. Enjoy!

Pregmo allows you to easily create an animated movie of yourself as your belly grows through your pregnancy. You’ll have a visually documented memory that you and your family will cherish your whole life. It features an easy to use interface, calendar and linear views to track your progress, and visual camera guides within the app so that you can easily frame your belly perfectly each time.

Once your photos are taken, with a push of a button, transform those photos into an animated movie to keep and share.

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It's time to relax

Feeling STRESSED?  You are not alone.

Stress plays a big role as we go through our infertility struggles.  Stress is also the last thing we need when dealing with a situation like this.  I would like to share with you what has worked for me to relieve stress.

This short 10 minute meditation session each day does wonders.  The best part is that it does not take a large amount of time so it’s easy to start.   I am sharing this meditation with you in hopes that it helps you too!

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Random videos that make me smile.



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