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Luckily, there are many community fertility support groups. Below are a few of my personal favorites.

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Warriors FB Group

This group was created to support those of us who have been or are on a fertility journey. It’s intended to be a safe space, a confidential space, and a warm and resourceful space. I work to make sure it stays that way – but if I miss something, please share with me, not to shame anyone, but to make sure the mission of the groups remains. This group is not for sharing of meds – it’s for peer and community support along a difficult process. Love and Light, Ladies.


Fertility Rally

Fertility Rally is an all-inclusive community, created for EVERYONE who is going through infertility, has gone through infertility, has questions about fertility in general, or who is building their modern families in a “non-traditional” way.


IUI & IVF Support FB Group

A friendly, and central, place to share knowledge, ask questions and get lots of support.
Our group was started for ladies going through IUI but we are 100% here to support you through whichever stage of the journey you are at.


IVF Support FB Group

For all those who have been through or are going through IVF to share stories, experiences, thoughts, suggestions etc.

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That moment when you realize that seeing double lines on a pregnancy test may be harder than you thought. Infertility is much more than just a medical condition. For many people, hearing about a possible infertility diagnosis is overwhelming. No matter where you are in your quest for a baby, infertility can deplete your finances, affect your personal relationships, and have an impact on you or your partner’s emotional health. Learn the basics here.


This blog is my wonderful excuse to focus more time on the things that I am passionate about; supporting the discussion about (in)fertility, IVF, and the journey.” – Nathalie 

Fertility IQ

We educate you thoroughly — because lives are on the line
It’s easy to make decisions you’ll later regret. Web forums are unreliable. Fertility doctors are in a hurry. Our courses boil down complex information from all the best studies, so you can make informed decisions.


Robyn is here to connect you with specialists for your unique journey.
Robyn providers collaborate with reproductive endocrinologists, OB-GYNS, and other physicians on treatment plans that complement your primary care.


Pregnantish is the 1st media site that helps ppl navigate challenges of infertility &fertility treatments #infertility US based

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