6:30 am pre-op for tomorrow’s retrieval surgery.  Just when I thought that I might get this morning to sleep in and not go in for morning monitoring, I still needed to come in for pre-op and bloodwork for Monday’s retrieval.

The pre-op was very straight forward and well organized.  I came into the room where a folder with my name was waiting for me.  It’s funny, every woman there (probably 8 of us) were all getting retrievals tomorrow.  I felt like we were a team in a way.  Many of us would probably see each other if we also get transfers as well.  We should have gone around the table introducing ourselves 😉 .. ha.. okay, maybe not and no we did not even interact with one another.  Just as in the waiting room, we all kept to ourselves.  Half the woman were with their partners and we just sat there filling out paper work and listening to instructions for the next day.  Overall, the instructions were very similar to any surgery you would have:

1. No eating after midnight

2. No liquids after 5 am

3. No perfume or any frangrance.  (Did you know that perfume and frangrances have shown to have a negative impact?)

4. The male partner if giving sperm needs to wash with a specific anti bacterial soap the morning of the procedure.

5. Tylenol only for pain after.

6. Escort needed to take you home.  Must rest.

Other than the general informational meeting –  I had blood work done, filled out paperwork and I met with a doctor who explained possible complications that are associated whenever someone goes into surgery and goes under anesthesia.

Best news of all … NO INJECTIONS TONIGHT!!  There are pills to be taken tomorrow after the surgery, but no injections tomorrow either! (well, I guess the surgery .. 😛 ) .

Trying to be super non stressed this week.  It’s game time.  Fingers crossed!!

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