Has it already been a week? Time is flying by but still going slowly as we wait for the heart beat! Today we ALL went in for the second ultrasound because T is getting over a virus and was not able to go to daycare today.  Secretly, I didn’t mind as I loved having my whole little family there as we took a look at how the little one is doing inside.

Now to the ultrasound.  Here is a video of the whole ultrasound – takes only a little more than a minute!

Good news.  The sac has gotten significant larger since last week and we can see a little yoke, just as expected.  This week we did have any blood work taken, so no results on that front.  Now we wait for next week where hopefully we will see the first signs of a fetus and hear a heart beat! Once we hear a heart beat we will graduate from the center and go on to my normal OBGYN.

I will also be able to start exercising and being active again.  Remember that?  I stopped exercising!  It has been a bigger challenge than quitting coffee.  Mentally, I have been going a bit stir crazy without having exercise to release my stress.  Luckily I have embraced meditation more and eating well has also helped me not feel so “blah” with the absence of exercise.

I have also been keeping my mind occupied by thinking of ways I can continue to contribute to the TTC community and women in general.  This experience has really inspired me to do something greater than myself.  I will be sure to keep you updated with my ideas!

As always, THANK YOU for all your support and love.

T, would you like a sister or a brother?

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