As I sit here waiting for my pregnancy test on Monday, I was wondering “what” might be happening in there?  I mentioned the other day I felt unusually tired and had cramping pains that felt like a pulsating localized to a specific spot.  It lasted for about two days and I have not felt it strongly since yesterday.  Is that a good sign? Is that a bad sign? No sign? I thought I would take this opportunity to look into what might be going on in there.  This is what we know:

Thursday (Day 3) – we had 2 embryos transferred (8 cell and 9 cell).

Friday (Day 4)

Saturday (Day 5)

Sunday (Day 6) – fatigue

Monday (Day 7) – When I started feeling the cramping and fatigue Tuesday

(Day 8) – fatigue and cramping Wednesday

(Day 9) – Today (fatigue and cramping gone)

Looking at image above, It was only day 7 when I felt the cramping, so could that be implantation? Although the embryos were at an 8-9 cell on day 3 so perhaps I was a day ahead and a day 7-8 implantation would make sense right?? 

Okay, now I know I am thinking about this way too much now.  I will stop here before I let my thoughts run away with me. Tomorrow I go in for one of two blood tests before the pregnancy test on Monday.  They will not give me any information on these tests, so there is nothing to be anxious about ..  I just need to be patient.  (easier said than done!)


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