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I’m here to help you

Figure out what you want to do with your life.

Do you get pulled by what others want, and you don’t even know what you want most of the time. If that sounds familiar, keep on reading ….


By working with me,

you will discover your priorities, align them with your future goals, gain clarity, confidence, and an action plan to create the life you want.

Are you tired of living life through the force of inertia? 

Are you asking yourself questions like, Who am I and what do I want to do? Because you know that what you are doing now is not fulfilling you?

Perhaps a significant life transformation has forced you to make some big decisions fast, and you feel overwhelmed, aimless, and anxious about what to do?

My creative coaching program is what you’ve been looking for!

Here is why …

The majority of us (myself included) go through life not knowing what we want and what will make us happy. The result is endless striving for something that may not even be what you want. For me, it came in the form of blindly following what others/society defined as success and happiness, only to realize in my 30s that the definition of success and happiness is unique to each individual. 

Growing up, there was always an emphasis on being perfect. Perfect school, Perfect job, Perfect partner, Perfect family. I bought into this life plan…studied hard and went to a good college ( check!), started a successful career ( check!), got married (check!). But to create the perfect family? That’s where my perfect checklist of life halted and when I was forced to stop and think, “Wait? What am I doing?” 

At one of the lowest points in my life, during my infertility journey, that moment transformed me into the person I am today. I ended up having 2 miracle kids, but I asked myself the question that I never thought to ask before. “What do I want to do with my life?” 

The result is a life that draws outside the box, not in the original “perfect”  plan, but a more confident, fulfilled, and empowered.

If you are asking the question: “What do I really want to do with my life?” and feeling lost, I want you to know that you’re in the right place. 

After working with me, you will confidently know that answer and live life towards your true goals. Through one-on-one coaching, I will help you find calm, focus, and confidence to tune out all the noise (society and peer pressure) that distract you from making choices aligned with your priorities to create a life that is true to you.

That can look like coming to a realization that what society’s definition of success is, could be very different from yours and that could be the reason you are unhappy.

For example, one of my clients felt stressed and burnt out all of the time. She was doing all the “right” things to be successful and happy. She climbed the corporate ladder and worked her way up to supervisor. She had a wonderful family and, from the outside, was living the dream. Yet, she didn’t know why she wasn’t “happy.” As we worked together, she discovered that her priorities and definition of success and happiness are very different from what she was taught growing up.

She loved to create, yet the supervisor role stripped her of all creation. She became a manager, and instead of creating, she was doing administrative paperwork. On top of that, the role led her to spend less time at home, and when she was home, she was constantly agitated because she was unhappy at work.  When she realized this about herself, she instantly pivoted and made changes in her professional life that aligned with what she valued most.  She renegotiated her position to allow less administrative work and more creativity and freed up her hours to have more time at home. The results within weeks were astounding. 

“What I thought would make me successful and happy (climbing the corporate ladder) were actually doing the opposite, and it was when I focused on creating a life around what I value (creating and family) that is when I was starting feeling happy. I wish I had known this years ago!”

But without our work together, she might never have dug deeper and asked the tough questions that led her to these amazing changes. She would have kept on living a life that she thought was successful, but felt left feeling unhappy and frustrated without knowing why. Now she is able to make intentional decisions and changes to live a life she truly loves.

What is your version of success and happiness?


I am here to help you discover and create your unique version through one on one coaching.

Learn more about how I can help you

Life. reimagined.

How I can help you

I provide you with:

Personalized and specific guidance 

    • As your coach, I will create a customized program for you that is designed explicitly towards getting you to your goals. Examples include original creative thinking exercises and custom artwork that portrays your specific values and strengths. 

The tools to get you results FAST that is fun, creative, and effective. 

    • The tools and exercises I do with my clients are anything but dry. They will fuel the creative side you didn’t know you had and will also help get your thoughts and imagination flowing to help you dream even bigger than you ever thought. My tools will get you out of your head and in space to reimagine a life you once might have thought was unattainable. 
    • Present and Future Self Template: This is a customized downloadable template that my clients use to create awareness of where they are now and a vision of who their future self is. 
    • The tree of life is a beautiful custom work of art that I create for every client to portray their priorities, strengths, and goals all in one piece. Many of my clients hang it up in their homes to remind them of their goals, strengths, and values. 
    • A customized personal hub where all our work together can be viewed in one easy place that you can always reference to, to keep you on track and accountable. View example HERE


A clear road map of how to get to your goals. No more wandering lost. You will be focused, clear, and confident every step of the way. 

    • Imagine you are taking a road trip across the country. What’s the first thing on your list of must-haves? A map on how to get there with the stops along the way for the essentials (food, sleep, gas…). It would be crazy not to have that planned out, right? But if you think about it, that’s precisely how we go through life. Wandering around without a clear map of where we are going, how we are getting there, and what essentials we need along the way. No wonder we spend years and often a lifetime not getting where we want to be.
    • Fortunately for you, working together means that you won’t have this problem. We will develop a clear road map on how to get to your goals along with the core elements you need to thrive on getting there!
    • This is a game-changer by itself!

Accountability and support every step of the way.

    • Let’s face it. We all need a bit of accountability and support to keep us pushing forward. Let me be that person for you. I am your coach, sounding board and will be with you every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone. 


Teach you how to use creative thinking to your advantage to keep you always moving forward and overcome any obstacles. 

    • Creative thinking is a powerful way to problem solve and work your way around any obstacle that you may encounter. I teach my students how to utilize this powerful skill so they will no longer get “stuck”. This is a powerful way of thinking that will help you succeed in every aspect of life. I like to refer to it as a secret superpower!

Let's talk about how I can help you reimagine your life to reach your goals.


Life. Reimagined. Creative Life Coaching is for you if

  • You are ready to make real change in your life. 
  • You want to live your life to the fullest with no regrets.
  • You are committed to taking action to accomplish your goals. 


This coaching is not for you if: 

  • You are not willing to dedicate time to this work and be coached. 
  • You expect to see results overnight and want someone to do it for you. 
  • You are not fully committed to making this happen for yourself!



Creative life coaching results

“I can honestly say,  Jasmine’s Life Strategy Methodology has had an extraordinary impact on my life. Jasmine has given me the tools and appropriate language to fully understand and articulate my values, strengths, and goals. I feel as though I have the confidence to approach any situation with the knowledge that I know my truth, know my worth and know myself. Jasmine’s personalized 1:1 sessions were what I needed to begin my journey to self-discovery. Thus allowing me the ability to answer the question of, “who am I” and “what do I want to achieve?” Jasmine’s ability to connect the dots between the current self to the future self by providing logical/feasible steps forward is one of her greatest skills. I 100% recommend Jasmine’s Life Strategy Program for anyone looking for the support and resources to become the person they always wanted to be.”


I took ‘Life. Reimagined.’ during a time of major transition in my work life, and it helped me immensely. I have been able to focus on what I truly value in life and have used those values as my guide while I search for my next position. Jasmine is a gentle and supportive coach who really wants to see her clients succeed. She is a true joy to work with!


I took Jasmine’s Life Reimagined workshop at a time when I was facing a major career crossroads and overwhelmed with indecision. Jasmine’s exercises helped me understand my values, needs, and where I truly wanted to be – and a lot of my take-aways were truly surprising! The prompts and discussions themselves were so enjoyable that I hardly realized I was uncovering life-altering insights until reading back through my answers, when everything became suddenly clear. Jasmine’s manner is open, encouraging, and empathetic. If you have a chance to work with her – do it!


I was fortunate to participate in Jasmine’s Life. Reimagined workshop, and I can’t recommend this workshop enough! Not only is Jasmine a talented artist, but she is also a spectacular listener and counselor – she guides you through her engaging and interactive workshop with empathy and patience. Even as an introvert, I gained so much more than I expected from sharing myself with the group. The workshop is more than just clarifying your goals. You will discover your core values that will help you make any kind of decision, and get closer to what you want out of your life by planning immediate actionable steps. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this workshop! 



Before working with Jasmine …

… I was feeling anxious and a feeling like I needed to apply for every job available. After, I felt much calmer and with a sense of purpose as to precisely the type of job I would like to live the life I want to move forward.

I felt empowered to say no to any opportunity that didn’t fit my life goal.


…  I was a bit aimless, overwhelmed, discouraged. Too many options, but none of them seemed like good ones.

After working with Jasmine, I was calmer, more confident, more focused. I understand more what I want, so it’s easier to eliminate the stuff that isn’t right and feels confident in doing so.


These could be your results!

Start living a calmer, more confident, and focused life today.

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