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Meet Ashleigh Abramovich of Mahtava Yoga

10 minute meditation

by Ashleigh Abramovich | Mahtava Yoga

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I can tell you honestly that I find meditation extremely challenging.  I have tried various times and each time it does not last very long.  This time around I worked with Ashleigh one on one and she later sent over this 10 minute meditation that I could do on my own time.

What I love about this 10 minute meditation is that it adapts to any ones time frame.  It’s not an intimidating 30 minute meditation session, it’s simply 10 minutes!  Start small and consistent and then work up is my goal.  This has helped me not only be consistent but to also feel more calm and relaxed during a very stressful time in life, during my IVF treatments.  I would listen to this everynight before going to bed.  I would lay in bed listening to this and would go to sleep so much more peacefully than if I just laid there with my own thoughts overwhelming me.

I would like to share this with you in hopes it does the same. Enjoy and know that you are not alone in your struggles!

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