A Perfect Imperfect Picture

You don’t need a fancy camera or fancy tools to take a photo that tells a story and portrays a message.

95% of my instagram photos on @jazzkatat are now taken on my phone.  Here I will share how I use visuals to tell my story that inspires others to join in my journey.


Click to watch the transformation.

Designing a Perfect Imperfect Life

Coloring outside the lines. Design your own happiness

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Check your inbox and on @jazzkatat instagram acct for the winner in the next coming weeks! (There will be more than one winner) In the meantime, join me in the Perfect Imperfect Life FB Group [ http://bit.ly/jazzkatat_FB ]to share what you learned and to learn from me and others on how to design your own Perfect Imperfect Life through visuals and mindset! Cheers, Jasmine

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