mini KATAT

Life in Miniature

Capture your moments in a unique way.

Custom mini KATAT work

Imagine having your own custom miniKATAT hanging up on your wall. It’s a whimsical unique piece of art that does what no traditional portrait can do. It brings out the kid in us and personalizes it a way that you and your family will cherish forever. I have good news! You do not have to imagine it any longer. I am here to make it a reality. Using my expertise and skills coupled with what you would like to portray, I will create a custom miniKATAT just for you.

The Process:

Step 1. Say HI!

Contact me here and we will discuss exactly what you would like to achieve. Solidify the package and move forward!

Step 2. Photoshoot

Depending on your package, I will either meet with you to take the photos or direct you on how to take photos to send to me. (This is mainly based on location (Local vs. not) as well as how customized you would like your mini KATAT to be.

Step 3. Mockup Review

I will send you a series of quick mockups for review and approval. This will go on until you are happy with the overall composition and layout, I want you to be happy with your end result!

Step 4. Final Delivery

Delivery of mini KATAT custom work as agreed on.

Example of The Process


Raw images from the photoshoot: 



After the photoshoot, I take all the raw photos and curate custom mockup compositions that tell your visual story in miniature. I then send it to you for feedback and approval.


 Feedback & Notes:

“Hi Jasmine,

These are really cool! I like C and D the most, I like the human positioning and poses in C but think having just the two levels as in D will make it easier to see faces. Is it possible to use the M pic from B where he holds the rail?
I really like how C looks with M looking down but if we are doing a single pic, we should see his face.”


You can see the update here addressing the notes above and the final approved “mockup”.


Refining the Mini Art:

This is where the “magic” happens. Unfortunately, there is no “magical button”. It takes time and an artistic eye to make sure everything is seamlessly intergrated in the background.


Cutting the subject out:

Step 1 after the layout has been approved is to spend time to meticulously cut out the subject from it’s background so they can sit seamlessly in the new plate. This can be very time consuming – especially when it comes to fine hair.

Also, I will remove any areas in the backplate that will make the overall art better. In this case, the light switch and some touch ups in the wall do not need to be in the shot, so I went ahead and cleaned that up. 


Adding details (shadows):

Once the base cut outs and clean up are complete, its time to add in the details. In this example, I show you how I add the shadow to the final piece.


Adding MORE details:

It’s all about the details that you may not know go into a work like this but it is what makes all the difference. Here I am making sure the subjects are integrated well in the plate by applying the local color of the plate to the subject as well as applying a light wrap. It’s all in the details! 


Final Delivery:

Completed! After final approval from you, I package it up and deliver the final product depending on what package you chose. 

(Turn around time from start to finish is 1-4 weeks depending on urgency and schedule)

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