I am guilty.  Guilty of having too much “stuff”!  I can make multiple excuses on why I have collected so many items of clothing, but the fact is I only wear about 5% of the closet you see here.  There is no excuse.  I am by no means an extreme minimalist, nor do I preach others to do so.  My goal is to minimize the amount of stuff in my life to get more time in my life for things that matter most.

You might be wondering, how does decluttering a closet give you more time?  Think about your routine every day.  How long do you normally spend in front of your closet figuring out what to wear and then trying to find it?  Personally, it would take me an additonal 5-10 minutes if not longer each day.  Add that excess 10 minutes a day, that is over 60 hours a year wasted on your closet.  Imagine what you could have done with that time.  You could increase your time and money even more if you choose to wear a “uniform” of sorts.  More on that in another post.  Let’s focus on the decluttering of the closet.  Are you with me?!?

I’m ready, LET’S DO THIS!!

I like to go through the closet in sections.

STEP 1 :

  • Pull out everything in that section

STEP 2 :

  • Organize by color.  I like to do this as it also allows me to visually see what colors I have excess of and could get rid of more.


  • Go through piles and disgard what is unwanted while folding neatly the clothes you would like to keep
  • Step back and look at your keep vs donate pile.

If you are like me, you take a deep breath when you realize your keep pile is just way too big.


  • Go back to your keep pile and take a hard look at what you really need to keep.


  • Put the “keep” pile back horizontally (instead of vertically).  Horizontally, you are able to view and access your clothing much more efficiently.  (Credit goes to Marie Kondo for this handy tip)


  • Repeat with all sections of the closet!

The Beauty of Color

Organizing your closet by color is not only visually aesthetic but it serves a function too.  It is a time saver!  Now when you go into your closet, you can choose what color you want to wear and focus on that set of clothing which is conveniently all in one location organized by type.  It may seem like a small thing, but every minute counts!

If you want to take it a step further, you could organize your clothing by height.  For example shortest skirts to longest.

Piles of “stuff” to donate!

It is pretty satisfying and crazy to see how much I was able to shed.  What is crazier is how much is still left in the closet.  It really does make me realize how much “stuff” I have accumulated through the years and I can’t help but note how much money I must have spent that could have been used in other ways – laying here .. unnecessarily spent.  I will definitely be more mindful from now on about what I choose to buy.

Stroller Dolly!

I always say it’s ideal when something has more than one function.

T let us use her stroller to wheel the donations (two trips!) to the Salvation Army a couple blocks away.

Before & After

It might not look super dramatic to you, but trust me – living it, it is dramatic from where it was.  I plan on revisiting the closet at the end of each season to purge any item I did not wear.  It is a continuing process, but the hard part is done.

Now it’s all about maintaining and revisiting every season to keep myself in check!

Before & After

Final Thoughts.

Purge phase 1 is now complete!  I say phase 1 because this is only the beginning.  I know that I need to go back again and minimize even further and perhaps another phase after that -I know, I know – why didn’t I just do it all now!  Easier said than done.  As I get more into minimalism, it will be easier to live without as many “things” as I had been use to.  In actuality – it really will be never ending because I should always be checking myself every few months that I haven’t fallen back into the cluttered closet sydnrome.  

I can tell you this.  I have been living with my new closet for a month now and I love it! It has stayed just as orderly (a surprise to me too! but when there is more space and less having to “stuff” things in a drawer it makes it much easier).  Every morning I probably save 10 minutes when dressing because I am no longer standing in front of the closet searching or wondering what to wear.  Everything is layed out in a way that it’s all very viewable and easy to access.  I really recommend you to do the same!

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