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These videos are from FB Live feeds #JazzKatatTV – I apologize for the roughness of them, but they are live and honest! (no editing here!)

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(I’m no longer actively doing live feeds on the Design the Life You Want series, but please follow me on my other adventures on FB Live!!)

Travel for less than you think!

If you don’t think you have enough money to travel and travel often, listen to this!

Matt and I love to travel.  You will be surprised to learn that we rarely pay for things like airfare!

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T is walking!

We captured T fully independently walking for the first time!!

I love how excited she is .. so much love for this kid !!

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Date Night!

Going out and exploring new things

Tonight we were down in soho for Restaurant Week.  Food was good, dessert was a bit dissapointing but you can’t have it all!

Going out on our own once a week is something that we have just begun and find it super rewarding in our journey to Design the Life that We Want!

I hope it inspires you to go out too!

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Making a pussy hat for the women’s march!

To all women out there!

Tonight I am making last minute hats for me, T and Matt for the women’s march tomorrow!  Watch to see how easy it is!

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Live from the NYC women’s march!

To all women out there!

Coming live from the NYC women’s march.  So many beautiful people out here!

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Day 4 :: Date Night : Ping Pong & late night eats!

Tonight’s date night was my choice – we went to Fat Cat in theWest Village!

Ping pong was a lot of fun (I realized how long it’s been since I last played!)  Matt won the first match, but I came back and won the second! (check out the slow motion video below) Afterwards we went to one of our old spots, Corner Bistro for a late night Burger/fries.  Sitting next to us was Tim Robbins! Small world .. all and all – A successful evening.

Make a point to go out! You never know .. you might end up sitting next to Tim Robbins eating burgers 🙂

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Bluestone Lane

One of our favorite weekend routines

Come see one reason why we love where we live.

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Show up!

Why showing up could improve your life and others around you.

Today we went to my sister’s place in Brooklyn for a brunch party.  To be honest, we were on the fence about making the trip out there (takes about 45 min both ways via subway).  I realized there are always so many excuses to not show up, but more importantly, the benefits of showing up outnumber all of those!

Show up, chances are you will have fun, meet new people and discover new things. People also appreciate someone that shows up, you are seen as someone that is dependable and cares.  Think about this the next time you think about turning down an invitation to hang out!

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Murray’s Cheese 101

Matt gave me the most wonderful gift of all … CHEESE CLASS!!

For my holiday gift, Matt gave me the gift of an experience – A cheese tasting class in the East Village at Murray’s Cheese.  I think if you watch the video, you will have no doubt that we loved it! (That and the bottomless glass of wine) 

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Seinfeld LIVE!

Date night tonight we are going to see Jerry Seinfeld do standup in the neighborhood.

I feel so lucky to live in a city with so many options right outside my door.  Now let’s go out and laugh!

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Who wants Hotpot?!?

Do you know what hotpot is?

If not, watch to find out  .. if you do, come see where you should go get some!

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Walking in Exeter.

Look who is walking like a big girl!

When did she grow up?  Seriously?  Can’t she stay a baby?!? 🙂 … ha.

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