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Follow me in my journey as I design the life that I want for myself and for my family.

These videos are from FB Live feeds #JazzKatatTV – I apologize for the roughness of them, but they are live and honest! (no editing here!)

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Space Design Intro

Today, we begin with the introduction to maximizing/decluttering spaces and simple beautiful design

Come on a tour of my current space.  I go over things I have done already and areas I want to work on during this journey!

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It’s not the size that matters. It’s how you use it!

Today, we talk about how to look at “size” differently.

Next time you see yourself limited by space, look around – be creative and purge the unnecessary!

No matter what the size, if you don’t use it correctly – It isn’t going to work!

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I’m getting Built ins!

Tonight I’ll go over the thought process and progress of the space design in my living room area

Let’s talk about Built ins and FIREPLACES!  (Dreams really do come true!!)

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The magical dining room table!

Tonight I’ll show you my dining room table, why I chose it and why I love it!!

Join me!  I hope you find it as magical as I do.

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Time to tackle the murphy bed paint job!

Unfinished murphy bed has been sitting here for over a year … now is the time.


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Murphy bed progress

End of the day update ..

Everything is primed and ready for the paint.  I have new respect for those who paint ceilings!  Watch the progress …

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Murphy bed DONE!


Over one year of procrastination completed in less than TWO DAYS!

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Time lapse

Watch the murphy bed project in less than one minute.

Nothing is complete without a proper time lapse!

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Let’s talk about clutter …

What is clutter?

What does it mean to declutter?  Watch to find out!

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Let the purging of clutter begin!

Bedroom wall of clutter shame.

Let’s start this!

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Space Design update : Wear your helmet!!

Progress .. here is the status!

Put your helmet on and come see where we are as we redesign our space.

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Builtin is complete!

Come see the results

Plus there is now a fireplace!!

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Bedroom wall update

Put your helmets back on!

See what we have planned for the bedroom wall.  (still disaster zone .. be warned!)

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Designing your space with kids in mind & keeping your style!

You can have style and baby proofing all in one!

See how I have come to an “aha” moment in my space design journey as I learn how to purge the unnecessary in order to acheive my design goals.

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