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Follow me in my journey as I design the life that I want for myself and for my family.

These videos are from FB Live feeds #JazzKatatTV – I apologize for the roughness of them, but they are live and honest! (no editing here!)

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(I’m no longer actively doing live feeds on the Design the Life You Want series, but please follow me on my other adventures on FB Live!!)

Follow me as I Design the Life That I Want!

        Ever since having my daughter, I’ve begun to  realize just how grateful I am with everything I have in my life and how precious time really is.  This goes not only for family time, but personal time as well. Seeing how quickly my daughter is growing up and how there are so many moments I am missing, I am extremely motivated to find the time for what I find most rewarding. If I even can find only a minute more of time to spend with T, it will be all worth it.                                                                         

I definitely do not have all the answers, but I am here to share my findings in an attempt to make people’s lives just a little easier.  Join me on my adventure as I look for solutions to give me more time, a better life/work balance, and simple happiness.  I hope it inspires and motivates you to do design the life you want too! (or at the very least entertain you and give you some good life tips!)                                                                    I have broken it down into three sections:                                                                    

1. Health and Body – I will be focusing on more sleep and time for exercise as well as aligning my schedule with my husbands.  Currently, we have very different schedules and rarely see each other during the week.  These key points are important to me because I feel like I struggle with physical and mental energy at times.  Creating a healthy sleep/exercise habit will not only benefit me physically but mentally as well so that I can always be on top of my game!                                                                    

2. Space Design – Less Stuff! – I aspire to be a minimalist.  I believe if I purge the unnecessary it will free up my time for the things that matter most in my life.  My goal here is to purge unnecessary items and focus on redesigning my space so that it’s a place for me to come home and be completely content.                                                                    

3. Experience –  Experiences are much more important to me than physical items.  I plan on maximizing my experiences from now on and focus on the best ways to do so.  Join me as I plan vacations (on a budget!) and explore things within my own city!                                                                  


On FB live describing this new journey!

This is the first step to Designing the life that I want.  Now to put words into action!

I hope you follow me on my journey!

Watch directly on Facebook Live HERE!

What is the Life that I want?

First step – Knowing what I want!

Good question! I quickly realized that before going after the life that I want.  I need to clearly define it.  I could define it better than this video.  I will draw out distinct bullet points in my journal.  See there for details!

Watch directly on Facebook Live HERE!


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