I’ve been feeling the urge to nest! 

When I was pregnant with T, I never had the chance to “nest” because we moved into our home only 2 weeks before T was born. It was less like nesting and more like me going crazy to just unpack and do as much as possible before T was born. I remember being really sad about it because I love doing projects and felt that I did not have the chance to take it all in and do all the things I would have liked. As a result, T’s room was never done completely the way I would have liked and now I am taking this time to finally nest! 

In a way, I am nesting more for T than for baby brother due in only a couple of weeks (or in reality it could be any day now!). I type this as I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling the little guy moving around in my belly. Half the time my belly is lopsided because he is moving around so much!

First on the list – chalk board wall. I always loved the idea of a chalkboard wall. A place where one can just doodle, write to do lists and just have fun without overthinking it because it can and should be erased frequently. 

I decided to put the chalkboard wall on the closet doors. Closet doors are usually left unused and I wanted to utilize as much space as possible since we live in such a small space. Every little thing counts! I only painted half the wall because kids are not very tall and decided to add a cityscape because T and little brother are true NYC kids :).

Watch the timelapse below and photos of the process.

[Materials needed to do it yourself are at the bottom of the post too]

Timelapse of the whole process


Watch the timelapse of the entire process from putting up the painters tape to drawing on the finished project with T!! 

Materials needed:

– Chalkboard paint

– Painters tape

– brushes/rollers/tray

– Chalk and creativity!

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