It feels like it was yesterday that I was in my OBGYN’s office with my first pregnancy. Yet, it also feels like a lifetime ago at the same time. Does that make sense?  It feels like yesterday in that it is familiar. The waiting room, the doctor, and the casual atmosphere compared to the waiting room at the fertility clinic has not changed.  It feels like a lifetime ago because I have been through so much since my first pregnancy.  I’ve experienced a full pregnancy, labor, delivery, the first days/months/year of raising a baby, being a mother and more importantly I have come “out” with my infertility to the public.  Looking back I still can not believe I am here.  I truly thought that I would not be able to have another baby after everything I had gone through in the past and am so grateful that I am able to experience this miracle of life all over again.

That being said, going to my normal OBGYN makes the pregnancy more real.  I have gone through the hardest part and now I am able to enjoy the “normal” routine and appointments associated with pregnancy.  As in my first pregnancy, I am so amazed at how easy and relaxed these appointments are.  I also appreciate how much less time consuming they are.  I meet with my doctor every four weeks and have a series of routine exams.  Seriously, people do not know how lucky they have it if they do not have to go through fertility treatments before this!

Below is my 8 week ultrasound including the sound of the little heartbeat …

Below are the key tests I need to go through during the pregnancy. I still find it amazing that through a blood test we are able to know the sex and so much genetic information early on in the pregnancy. It is called the genome test.

As you can see the necessary exams all fit nicely on one sheet of paper for the entire 9 months!  As I said, this is such a relief compared to all the exams and appointments that anyone doing a fertility treatment would have to go through.

These are the instructions that I realized the difference in mindset between the first and second pregnancy.  During hte first pregnancy I remember sitting in the doctor’s office as she handed me this list and I had a million questions I wanted to ask her.  Especially regarding food.  This time around I had actually forgotten about this list and when she handed it to me I almost ignored it.   (Ha, poor second baby!)  What I still find interesting is that the diet guidelines A-C have to do purely with weight gain.  That common comment you hear when you are pregnant – “Well, you are eating for two!” – gets me so aggitated!  It’s because it gives someone the feeling that it’s okay to indulge in everything but in reality you are not suppose to eat double the amount of food and more importantly you are suppose to still avoid sugary foods like sweets and ice cream.  (Sorry to rain on the parade!)

That being said, I am a believer of everything in moderation.  Indulge in the things you love but don’t over do it and keep active.  Now that I can exercise again my goal is to do yoga at least 2x a week and run/jog 2x a week.  I have even been taking the stairs to the apartment instead of the elevator because it gives me a little extra cardio work.  Though that will probably stop as my belly grows larger :).

I know it’s still early on and I am still being cautious, but I am letting myself start to enjoy the idea that I AM PREGNANT!  .. still crazy to type/say it outloud.

Thanks as always for being there.  You are truly appreciated!!

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