Me: T, what do you want for your birthday?


T has been asking for cupcakes for her birthday for months now, so the pressure was definitely on to meet her expectations!

Some of you know this, but for those who do not, Matt is an amazing baker! I am all about cooking savory things but when it comes to baking, Matt is king. I love this about him and I love that this is a joint effort. Matt does the baking and I finish off with what I enjoy the most – making it look pretty! (the decorating). 

Although, I do need to perfect my icing techniques – that thing is not easy! I should probably practice more than once a year. Last time I attempted to do icing designs was this time last year for T’s first birthday. Perhaps by the time she is ten, I’ll master it!

Here are the results from our joint efforts.


We love you to the moon and back x infinity!!!

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