HaaaPppYy Easter

“That bunny is scary … ” – T (my daughter)

T said this numerous times even after the party was over. lol … I have to agree with her. As a child myself I was extremely scared of all of these adults dressed up as fictional characters. Of course, I did not know they were adults dressed in costumes when I was a little kid, but that probably makes it even scarier! I mean think about it … what is “normal” and “friendly” about a large furry animal who is clearly not something that exists in everyday life. I am totally with my daughter, T .. “That bunny IS SCARY!!”

We were lucky enough to have an easter egg hunt and party sponsored in our building. I know it’s crazy to think about but many venues in NYC will charge for events like this. I am grateful to just have to walk downstairs and enjoy without the stress. 

Below are a series of photos from all our easter festivities this year.  Enjoy!! 

T loves her little brother so much … 

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