I haven’t even started the real treatments yet and I feel like I keep on getting bills in the mail!

One of the big stresses associated with infertility (if infertility was not enough!) are the costs associated with treatments.  If you ask any parent if they could put a price tag on their children, I would suspect the majority would say their children are priceless.  I agree, I would give any monetary amount of money if you told me it could give me the gift of a child.  That is why financials are so hard.  Nothing is worse, if what comes between the possibility of having a child is the lack of money.

When I sit down and think about the amount of money we spent over the five plus years were were trying for Teagan, the number is definitely high.  These are the things I keep in mind though 1. I am lucky to have had some form of insurance, so that my costs were not as high as they could have been and 2. I will never regret or think twice about monetary costs when it comes to something like this.  Yes, when it comes to material unnecessary items like clothing or even getting a bigger home – nothing compares to the cost I would spend on having a child.

So, I guess my thought process today on financials are:

  1. It sucks
  2. Money sorts its way out and I need to focus on the important goals.
  3. I feel lucky & grateful to have insurance.

That being said – we all have to face this burden.  I have decided to start a financial page on this site specifically to track down the costs as I go through this process.  I think it’s good to see it laid out.  Most of the time, people only refer to medical and medicine costs – which are the largest expenses, but there are other expenses that do get left out and add up to a significant amount. I will continue writing about the financial stresses of this process and also start researching and putting in the resource sections possible ways to deal with this subject.

You can find the link to the financial summary page here.


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