happy happy holidays!!

I normally never do holiday cards but this year I decided to try something different when I saw how easy and seamless it would be with Pretty Polite print.  I submitted my order on Thursday evening, using one of their templates and on Friday morning a personal designer emailed me directly with a proof to finalize all the details. It was approved and sent out by Friday afternoon and to my shock it arrived at my door the very next day! It can’t get simpler than that. The best part for me is that they will print out the addresses to the recipient on the envelope at no additional cost. This not only saves so much precious time but it looks incredibly professional. Your friends will definitely be impressed when they receive it the mail!

I’m happy with how they turned out but I think next year I will have to be more creative with the content … I’m thinking cheesy matching holiday pjs?!?!  haha.

Below are more pics of our custom holiday cards.

Happy happy!!

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