I definitely had forgotten the “no exercise” instructions in this process. 

I know this because when the nurse read it to me, I think I groaned out loud.  What does this mean to me?  If you know me well you know that I exercise quite often.  The thing is, I do not exercise for the purpose of losing weight, I exercise for the purpose of keeping up my energy and sanity!  Exercise is an extreme stress release for me.  This is why the no exercise rule is so tragic for my state of mind, especially when going through a very stressful procedure.  How long is this for?  That was my first question … If I remember correctly, this will last throughout the procedures as well as weeks after since I am going through surgery so they require a period of no activity time following.

Enough groaning, let’s focus on what I can do since I can not exercise.  I can walk!  Wait, I already walk a lot … I guess I can walk more?  Okay, let’s get serious – What I gained from exercise is energy and overall healthy mood.  To combat this I will try to get more sleep than I have been, thus keeping my energy levels up and I will eat healthy, so I never get that “ugh” feeling.  In reality, I should be doing both things regardless of lack of the ability to exercise.  I am definitely eating well, sticking to my fertility diet.  I am NOT sleeping well.  That will be my next focus.  I will also meditate before bed.  There I said it – now please hold me accountable!!

Til next time!

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