Dr. Chung just phoned with the results from yesterday’s egg retrieval.  For those that do not know, 2 out of 3 of our past IVF cycles, I never even made it to the transfer stage because they did not progress to a day 5 Blastocyst for transfer.  With this in mind plus only having four eggs retrieved yesterday I have been very anxious to receive this phone call.

I have good news!

Out of the 4 eggs that were retrieved, 3 of them were mature and as of today…

All three of them have fertilized.

Dr. Chung

I am extremely happy, this is the best possible day after the retrieval outcome I could have hoped for.  Dr. Chung seemed happy too with the results.   Quality over quantity did work in this situation after all (knock on wood).

This is only the beginning though, the problem I had in the past with my eggs were that they would not fully develop and progress enough for transfer. Meaning, they were fertilized but they did not make it to day 5. Therefore, it’s not time to celebrate just yet, there is plenty of time and circumstances where this will not lead to a pregnancy. This is a step closer in the right direction but there is still a ways to go. (As I write this, I will make a note to write a journal entry dedicated to the steps of the embryo – I never knew anything about this before going through IVF and I assume that perhaps you do not either!)

What’s next? Good question.  We plan for a transfer on Thursday (3 day transfer).  I won’t know for sure if there will be a transfer until the day of when they look at the progress and quality of the embryos.   If all looks good and we have more than one that looks viable we will make the decision with Dr. Chung Thursday on how many to transfer back in.  I think if it was up to Matt he would say all three!  Cornell does have a policy for a woman of my age, the maximum they will transfer is two.  They do this to avoid a high number of multiple babies (I am assuming).   In the past, we put 2 back in to transfer and it resulted in our little T. We did not get twins. Matt and I need to sit down and discuss how many to put back in this time around.  Unfortunately one of the deciding factors will be that this is the last cycle insurance will cover.  I hate that this has to go into the decision making.  The US really needs better health insurance options.  (That is for an entirely different website!)  

Other than waiting for the possible transfer (fingers crossed!) I am taking 2 meds by mouth for the next couple of days.  One of which I just realized I left at home while I type this (doh!).  What also starts tonight is the dreaded progesterone shots.  I really wish I did not know how painful these would be going in (ignorance is bliss).  Unfortunately, I remember all too well how painful these shots were last time around.  They are with a longer needle that go in the backside (the butt!).  The progesterone shot also lasts for a long period of time, at least until the pregnancy test which is 15 days from the transfer.  I am sure I am going to write a whole post devoted to these shots, so I will leave it at that for now.  

In the meantime, let’s hope these 3 little eggs do well over the next two days!!


three eggs

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