Cousin Love over Thanksgiving

I am dedicating a whole post to cousin love because they are so adorable together! Meet Cici, T’s older cousin (by a little over a year).  T has another cousin, but he is not allowed to be seen on social media etc.. so we will leave  him out – but know that T and Cici love him too!

It’s so much fun to watch T interact with her older cousins. She clearly loves them and looks up to them. It makes me so  happy to watch them all together. We only get together during the holidays since we all live a bit far from one another but they definitely make the most of it when they do all see each other.

Here are some pics from the Thanksgiving break – dedicated to just cousin love. Enjoy!

They were being suspiciously quiet, so I went to go look for them. I found them in the bedroom quietly  hiding in this little corner together. When I found them, they both shrieked with happiness. We joked later that if you are going to play hide and seek, perhaps you should tell someone to come and find you? haha.. I guess I did come and find them, so their plan worked.

I am always so surprised how similar they look to one another!

Dress up time! T always wanted to be the doctor!

Of course with everything – it’s not always all smiles 🙂

Toddler life ..

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