It’s been four days since my transfer. I took the weekend off from writing an entry so that I could relax. I’m not sure if that worked since we travelled for the weekend and 8+ hours in the car was not the most ideal relaxation time for me ūüėČ … Either way, it was nice to detox and spend devoted family time.

Overall, I was feeling normal except for a bit of fatigue until today. Today, I am feeling very “odd”. I say odd because I’m just unsure. My symptoms since this morning have been:

1. Fatigue

2. Cramping and uncomfortable down there.  Almost like a pulsating that is localized in one area.  This is not like menstrual cramping that I feel in my lower stomach area.

3. Cold .. I am cold. ¬†I put on the fireplace on in the apartment and am wearing a big sweater, sweatpants and socks with a blanket over me. ¬†Matt is in a tshirt and pants and says he isn’t cold in the slightest.

4. Headache.  Very slight, but it is there.

So what does this mean? ¬†I think the headache can just be from being in the car for so long and travelling. ¬†The cold could be that I am getting sick? ¬†The fatigue is that I am just tired from the weekend activities? .. the cramping, pulsating feeling down there? .. hmm.. that I can’t explain.

It’s funny, every little thing I feel like I am over analyzing it – is that the embryos implanting? Is that the feeling of my period coming? ¬†Matt said it must be the heart beat when I mentioned the pulsating feeling ūüėõ .. lol.

I am trying to remember the last time and if I had similar reactions, but of course I can’t remember a thing except the positive result phone call from Dr. Davis.

When in doubt, let’s google this!

google search

There are the results! ¬†Well, I guess they do line up with my current state, but let’s not try to overthink this, right?… right??? ¬† If I were to be completely honest, I have been getting some people teasing me about twins. ¬†Which 1. Did I not teach you guys anything from my stories – that you should never never tease and joke about this stuff to someone dealing with infertility?! ¬†and 2. In all seriousness, twins would freak me out. ¬†I turned to Matt and said, could we even afford twins? ¬†.. Matt’s response – could we even afford one more? ¬†LOL – good point Matt .. probably not on paper ūüėČ .. minor details!

We will deal with that if it gets to that point. ¬†In the meantime .. let’s continue to wait. ¬†I think I need to start doing more research into the specifics of the stages and what is going on in there. ¬†I think that sounds like a great journal post while I wait for the pregnancy test.

Let me know what you think about my symptoms.

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