The day has come  … this morning I was beyond nervous waiting for the phone call from my doctor.  I would check my phone every other minute making sure the sound was on (which I never usually have it on) and checking to see if I had missed any calls.

Dr. Chung phoned 11:01 am.  I picked up the phone cautious but full of hope.  Dr. Chung sounded upbeat (though, I have never heard him sound anything but happy and positive).  Ready for the news?  Here is what he had to tell me:

Out of the 3 fertilized embryos:

– 1 had an 8 cell division

– 1 had a 5 cell division

– 1 had a 3 cell division

He then explained that an 8 cell division on day 3 is a very good/excellent embryo, a 5 cell division is normal and a 3 cell division is poor.  He recommended putting back in 2 embryos.

I was beyond happy with this news.  My biggest fear was that none of them would make it to transfer.  Transferring two good looking embryos was my best case scenario, something I thought it would be difficult to achieve after having so few eggs retrieved.  It’s true – quality over quantity!!

In preparation for the transfer I went to acupuncture before (and after).  Read my acupuncture entry from yesterday here.

For the transfer, they used an ultrasound to guide the placement of the embryos, something that I did not do before, but Dr. Chung recommended it for this cycle.  Since they were using an ultrasound I needed a full bladder.  I made the mistake of drinking water way too early on and ended up sitting waiting for my transfer for over an hour, just wanting to go to the bathroom!  I do not recommend doing what I did 🙂 .. When I came in for the transfer, the doctor’s first remark was – that’s a very full bladder! (Side note: I am now paranoid that it was too full and hindered the transfer!)

When going into the transfer room (the same as the egg retrieval room), it’s much more casual, no sedation and it takes no more than 10 minutes.  I could see the lab from the room which was so interesting.  The embryologist came in with the doctor and showed me a picture of my embryos.  To my surprise they were now 8 cell and 9 cell embryos!  I asked if that was a mistake, since Dr. Chung had told me differently in the morning and they responded that they had grown since the morning and it’s a great sign.  I was beyond happy.
embryo ivf co culture icsi

Next step is to put them back in me.  As they are doing this procedure, a number of things run through my mind  ..

What if they trip while bringing over the embryos?

I really have to go to the bathroom, I wonder if I go afterwards will they fall out?!?

lol – I know these are all ridiculous things (well, not the tripping – I am a bit of a spaz, so I know how trips can easily happen!)

Luckily no one tripped and I hope the embryos made it safe and are making themselves at home!  Below are pics of the day and some fun ones of me telling T about what I did today.  I asked if she wants a brother or sister and she said “both!” .. 🙂

What’s next?  Now we wait again .. I will continue the painful progestrerone shots every evening and the pregnancy test is not until June 5th.

T trying to figure out why I am making such a big deal of this piece of paper!

I’m going to be staring at this photo for days .. 😉 ..

T is giving the embryos a litle pep talk inside my belly!

I want to give a special thank you for all your support.  It’s really meant the world to me as sharing my story was/is not the easiest thing.  I am so glad that I went outside my comfort zone and chose to do this.  I can honestly say that journaling this cycle has made it much less stressful because I am sharing everything out there with you.  I am not keeping any secrets or  giving a false facade.  This is me, unedited.  Thank you for supporting me and my family.  You guys rock!!

Fingers crossed for the next step .. we are getting close!

(scroll down to watch the FB Live video of the results and get a free meditation – time to start relaxing and destressing your lives!)

T’s embryo transfer card and the one from today side by side … <3

FB Live video of results

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