Let the medical prodedures begin!  Today I went in for my coculture biopsy.  If you want to learn more about coculture, see my previous journey entry explaining what it is.

Below is a breakdown of my experirence getting the coculture biopsy this morning.

– Check in with front desk.

– Wait while for them to call my name

– “Parichart” ..?? (oh, my middle name is Jasmine, Parichart is my legal first name – I have never gone by that name.)  I stand up and follow the nurse to the back

– I am asked to give a urine sample – for a pregnancy test – to ensure that I am not pregnant since a biopsy could disturb or destroy potential embryos . (I mean, one can hope and dream that they are pregnant! Wouldn’t it be nice if I got pregnant before the IVF cycle! ha.. one can also dream… )

– Next I go into the room to wait for the nurse

my view
my view

– The nurse comes in to have me sign some forms .. and let’s me know Dr. Chung will be in shortly.

my view

– Now I wait.  This is my view as I wait…

What to do? Some people take selfies of them in places they think are beautiful or places where others would be jealous of – let’s take a selfie of waiting for my coculture biopsy!

my view

– When Dr. Chung comes in he is accompanied by two nurses.  Everyone is extremely nice and Dr. Chung is great at explaining every step.  Overall, the procedure does not last more than 5 mintues with the actual extraction of the tissue taking about 30 seconds.  

And here it is!! My tissue:

biopsy tissue

The old aspiring pre med part of myself thought this was extremely interesting and I was surprised at how large the tissue extracted were.  I don’t know why but I expected something more microscopic.  Dr. Chung explained that this is not enough tissue to make too many coculture dishes, but they have a technique where they will copy this tissue to make exact duplicates enabling them to spread my cells out into 10 dishes that will be created and frozen.

Science is pretty amazing.

Next … I wait until I get my period, which should be very soon.  Once that happens, I go in for morning monitoring on Day 2 and the IVF cycle will begin.

It’s happening so quickly!

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