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I don’t know about you, but I love seeing the beauty of instagram walls. I can easily scroll down to see past memories and posts easily. It always brings a smile to my face. 

I recently realized how ironic that with all the photos I take, that I actually had very few printed physical photos in my home. Seriously, I think I had about 3 printed framed photos  (okay okay 4 ..)in my whole apartment. While, I did not want to start hanging formal framed photographs on the wall – I save that space for works of art (see post here ) – I did want to bring the personal into my home somehow, but more importantly, have something that Teagan and Lee could also look and participate in. 

What was the solution?!? Well, my front door is magnetic and is essentially a big blank palette. It was the perfect place to create an interactive photo wall of all of our instagram photos!


Let’s do this!

Step 1: Order the Prints

I personally ordered my prints from Fox Print . I found it very easy to choose from my instagram feed to add it into my cart. One thing that I did find cumbersome is that the software did not allow me to add too many at once, so it was a bit time consuming adding just a few at a time. A bug that hopefully will be fixed in future iterations.

The important bit – is that I chose to get normal (non magnet) photos printed. Why?!? Well, because of cost. A magnet print is significantly more expensive and I realized I could achieve the same end look with a simple DIY version that I outlined below. Have a look!!

Get your prints!

Spread them out and take them in!

Isn’t it great to have a physical printout of your digital photos?

This is where you can organize how you would like them hung. For me, I did not do this and just organically placed them on the door. (It’s also  hard to organize if a toddler is helping you!)

Step 2: Make them magnetic!

Pull out your magnet paper. I like to buy these here .

Why these ones? The precut/adhesive sheets make my life easier and these had good reviews on amazon!

Done and Done!


Simple square magnets

They are already precut and adhesive, saving precious time and makes this task very easy.

Apply the magnets

Now apply the magnets onto the photos. I like to place mine on the upper center area of the photo, but these photos are so light it won’t matter where you place them (just as long as they are on the flip side of the paper!)


This could also be a fun project to do with your kids (depending on their age). T, 3 years old was a big help! Lee, my 9 month old .. not so much. 

**Be sure to keep magnets away from babies!!!

Step 3: Put them on the door/wall!

This is also great to do with your kids. I actually did not expect T to be helpful at all, more like destructive .. but she surprised me! She was so helpful and sweet. Watch the time lapse and the photos here .. you will see that she did a whole section by herself. She kept asking me for “more photos mama .. more photos.. ” .

I love this kid.

DONE!! Great job!

Now you have an interchangeable instagram door feed. T loves to look at the door and pick out moments from it. It’s a great talking point to bring up places we have been, what we liked and where we should go next or return to

T is always saying “our Copenhagen home!” … clearly, we need to go back to Copenhagen soon!

Please share your walls with me!


View the time lapse of T and I putting the photos up!

T was such a great helper!! <3

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