Welcome to my little art collection at home.

My friend Ignacio made a special request to go over the artwork I have hanging in my home.  So here it is!

You can watch the video from the FB Live feed of it here:

Original link to FB Live video HERE

Below is some info from all the artists I spoke about and a link to their work.  I hope you enjoy it!! Keep on creating & surround yourself with things that inspire you.

Theresa Marchetta


I adopted this painting from my sister who saw it in a gallery and had to have it!!  I’m so glad she did and even more grateful that she gifted it to me later when she was redesigning her space and felt the painting would be better suited in my space.  It’s definitely the center of the apartment and your eye can’t help but be drawn to it.  I love the vibrant colors and playfulness of the piece.  It definitely embodies who I am and who I inspire to be.

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Marchetta earned her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has shown her work primarily in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas, in addition to her New York presence. While working in the finance department for New York Foundation of the Arts, Marchetta has recently shown her work at 196 GUERNSEY in Brooklyn and Chashama Harlem. In addition she received a studio residency for New York City Arts workers through EFA project space.

Leroy's Place Etsy prints
Mario Yrissary Art
Mario Yrissary Art
 Mario Yrissary Art

Mario Yrissary

The Filipino Roots of Minimalism : Feature on Mario

I had the  honor of working side by side with Mario at Godiva Chocolatiers where I held my first job out of college as a Jr. Package Designer.  Mario was a constant source of entertainment and inspiration.  When I was moving into my first place in NYC, he insisted on giving me some artwork for my walls.  At the time, I did not realize the extent of his art history (he worked as a prototype box creator).  I am so grateful for his beautiful work and love to look at it everyday.  It’s a constant reminder of all the amazing people out there and how they have contributed to my life.
Mario Yrisarry is a visual artist who was born in 1933. Mario Yrisarry has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the David Richard Gallery. Many works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘Study-Ascetic Series’ sold at Ketterer Kunst Munich ‘Post War / Contemporary Art’ in 2015. There have been many articles about Mario Yrisarry, including ‘Art in Review; The Filipino Roots of Minimalism’ written by Holland Cotter for New York Times in 2006.
Mario Yrissary works

Leroy’s Place


Leroys Place It's Not Fair

I met Serene, the artist behind Leroy’s Place at a weekend artist’s flea in Williamsburg, Brooklyn many summers ago.  I instantly not only loved her artistic style and prints but loved how her personality really showed through by just talking with her for as little as 2 minutes.  Since the first time, I came upon her work – I’ve bought many prints and have gifted them to friends.  I love the style, it’s whimsical and clever.  One day, perhaps I will splurge and buy an original canvas version!  In the meantime, I think it’s time for a new print!  So many great ones to choose from!!

Leroy’s Place is an art company based on the illustration/design work of Serene Bacigalupi. Currently operated out of New Orleans, Leroy’s Place is the umbrella for a whimsical collection of original art, film, puppetry, clothing, and gifts.

Leroy’s Place was imagined in 2007 when Serene debuted a collection of her “Monster Makeover” paintings. In this endearing, on-going series, vintage paintings are given new life with original characters drawn directly onto the paintings using pen and paint pen. Some characters repeat, but almost every painting features a new original character. These makeovers have become known for their unique quality of having a single frame narrative within each painting.

etsy shop

Leroy's Place Etsy prints

You will never guess who this is!  This is a portrait of my step father. Kocsis is a good friend of the family and he painted several paintings of my stepfather years ago.

Kocsis, the creator of a painting style known as Psychic Impressionism, is showing works that were exhibited in Paris at The Church of the Louvre, Église St.-Germain l’Auxerrois, at the James Paul Kocsis International Independent Museum.

Leroy's Place Etsy prints

Meet ME!

A number of black and white prints around the apartment are from my own photography series, Heaven and earth.  This series focuses on clouds – where heaven meets the earth.

These were originally printed and framed for an art exhibit at my favorite local coffee spot, Birch Coffee Upper West Side.

Leroy's Place Etsy prints

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