The end of the first full week.

It’s 7:30 am and I’m currently sitting in the waiting room at Cornell waiting to be called up for my ultrasound.  I have already gotten my blood drawn.  I just hope I can get back in time to see T for a mini second before she has to go to school.  At this point it seems unlikely .. sigh. 

It’s been five days since I officially started this cycle and I feel like this week has lasted a month and am more exhausted than ever.  I’ve come in to morning monitoring three days this week – Monday, Wednesday & today, Friday.  On all these mornings I get up at 5:30, out the door by 6 … and hope to be back by 8:30 just to give T a big hug and kiss before going to school. Then I rush to work.  The wake up time would not be so bad if I didn’t go to bed at 1 am!  I really need to be better, especially now when lack of sleep and stress can play a significant role in the outcome.  C’mon Jasmine, be better! (Yes, I did just refer to myself in the 3rd person – I apologize, I will not do that again .. well at least not in this post 😉 ).


I have spoken to women who take the time off from work during this ivf period to just focus on it and relax.  That’s very smart if you can afford to do so.  Unfortunately, I cannot financially afford to do that right now, so here I am hustling.  I am guilty of doing a lot more than I need to do though.  I acknowledge this.  It’s really hard for me not to do everything at once and I’m even taking on even more than my normal work load.  If I saw me from the outside, I would think I was crazy … seeing me from the inside, I know I am nutty – but really I am just super motivated and driven. Is there a difference?  Ah, I’m side tracking .. focus!

Back to IVF and this weeks sum up.  It’s exhausting, I’m exhausted and the inability to exercise will make it harder as the weeks go on.  The key thing I need to focus on is getting rest.  This past week, I slept only about 4.5 hours every night.  I feel guilty because I should be focusing on being as well rested as possible.  I will be better about this.

Doctor just came in and now I am free to go see my little T!  I think I can catch her if I rush.

Here are the results from today’s ultrasound:

Right side – 1 large at 8.5 – 3 smaller ones

Left side – 1 large at 6.5 – 2-3 smaller ones

I have to come back Sunday morning (mother’s day!) for another morning monitoring session. Unfortunately that means Matt will need to miss his morning soccer game – unless any of you want to babysit T at 6 am on Sunday morning?  Any takers??

It has been every other day of going in for morning monitoring and then when it gets closer to retrieval it is very possible that it will be every day.  I have to admit that I am incredibly tired and I am surprised how tired I am .. but I have my eye on the goal.  I just need to be better and take care of myself!  Sleep before midnight from now on!!  I can do this!

Have a great weekend,   

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