One of the first things you learn when you are actively trying to have a child is how the menstrual cycle works.  If you are like me, you really did not know that much about it, thinking I could get pregnant at any point when I was not having my period.  Not the case!

This chart below visualizes it nicely:

menstrual cycle

Looking at the chart, day 0 symbolizes the first day of the period.  This chart will vary depending on your cycle.  Some woman have shorter or longer cycles – so each case is unique.  Overall though, it is only after ovulation – ideally 12-24 hours after ovulation where you have the best chances of conceiving a baby.

This explains why one monitors ovulation when they are trying, so they know when the best time to try is.

For the Coculture procedure, the first step is to monitor ovulation.  Once I am ovulating, I phone into the hospital to schedule the coculture procedure which will follow approximately 10 days later.  I also have to give a significant amount of blood for the process and will need to go in for blood work before.

ovulation test

I made the mistake of buying a 7 pack fancier applicator version ovulation test because it turned out I needed 9!  Funny, I knew that was going to happen when I bought it at the drug store.  I remember thinking to myself, I should get the less expensive simple stick test, they come in a pack of 20 and it was roughly the same price as the pack of tests with plastic applicator handles.  Well, I didn’t listen to myself and went for the applicator pack because 1. That is what I used before, so I was comfortable with it and 2. I won’t need more than 7!  .. well, 1. That is a silly reason, the sticks are just as easy and 2. .. I needed 9.  Lesson learned.  It cost me an additional $26 – add it onto the financial spreadsheet!

(On the plus side – T got a box to play with!!)

ovulation box baby
positive ovulation test
ovulation test results

Now that I got a positive ovulation test back, it is time to call in to schedule all the appointments …


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