It’s funny how quickly you forget .. or how quickly I forget. As I am going through this process again, I continue to get these flash backs of how it works and what needs to be done. I can’t even count how many times I have said to myself “oh yeah … I remember now”. It’s not that I have blocked it out on purpose, I think it’s really because there was so much going on that it is all cluttered in my mind and not completely clear since it was such a stressful time.

Why am I writing this post now? Well, I just got off the phone with the IVF nurse at Cornell, who I might add was so helpful and friendly, people are really so nice (okay, I am side tracking .. ha.. focus Jasmine!). We were just going over some basic things like medication, when to take what, insurance coverage, procedures … and I left the call thinking – THIS IS OVERWHELMING! Yes, I have gone through it all before, which funny enough – the nurse did say, “You did this all before … ” .. too true (multiple times before actually). As overwhelming as it is, she made it so easy for me – ordering all my meds now so I will have them ready for the IVF cycle. This is important because you do not necessarily know exactly when you will get your period and you need to start your meds almost immediately after. The last thing you want to do starting an IVF cycle is to scramble calling pharmacies to get medication. So plan ahead!

I will spare the specific details of the call and procedures, as I will probably dedicate individual posts to them to give them the justice they deserve, but my general protocol is:

– blood work for coculture. (This Wed or Friday)
– start estrogen patches Tuesday (a week from today) and change it every other day, same place, same time.
– Coculture biopsy procedure.
– keep the estrogen patch on until I get my period (leave the patch that I have on there, do not change), come in for Day 2 of my period and tell them I am there to start my IVF cycle.
– start IVF cycle.

Easy right?  Sure! 😛


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