It’s Mother’s Day and I’m back at morning monitoring, a great way to start the day!  Who needs breakfast in bed when  you can get up at 5:30 am to go get blood work and an ultrasound done. ūüôā

As I left Cornell, the waiting room was packed with women.  Thank goodness I came earlier! I would have been waiting for ages if I had come now.  ..   I got here around 7:10 am to very few women waiting.  As I was leaving this adorable little toddler/baby was running around.  I asked the mom how old she was and she was the same exact age as T!  Part of me wanted to get to know the mom better since I assume she is there trying for her second, we must have so much in common, right? Instead, what did I do? I smiled politely, told her that her daughter is adorable and went on my way.  It’s very difficult to reach out like that.  Even in an environment where we all must be going through similar things.  I started thinking – Wouldn’t it be interesting if we used the waiting area more like a support/networking group?  We all have something in common and we probably would all need it from each other’s support, experiences and gain strength from one another.   It would be the ideal space for it and it would also make the time waiting more productive than just being on our phones.  Yet, that is what we do.  It could be a social place where people know each other and feel like it’s a safe place to ask questions, vent their frustrations and also to be there for the joys and sorrows of their experiences.

I’m not even sure if this would work .. one can dream.

Those were my thoughts today as I went through morning monitoring.  On the medical side – it looks as if I have 1 egg over 10 on the left side with 3 under 10 and on the right side 3-4 under 10.  Until they get over 10, do they even count them as a viable option.  I will feel lucky if I can 5-6 from the retrieval. We shall see!
Here is a photo of my ovaries and the largest eggs … perhaps one of these will be a future sibling for T?

Next morning monitoring Tuesday morning and I’ll be increasing meds – adding another med Monday night.  Wish me luck!

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