II’m writing this one hour before I am scheduled to take my trigger shot. 

What is the trigger shot in IVF?

The “trigger shot” is essentially a dose of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), a pregnancy hormone produced by the placenta that encourages the production of progesterone. It is usually administered after gonadotropins are used to spark ovulation during the IVF process.

I will take my trigger shot exactly at 11:15 pm.  Not 11 pm, not 11:30 pm .. 11:15 pm.  How do I feel?  I’m honestly not sure.  I am exhausted that is for sure.  I actually wanted to go to bed earlier (like at 9 pm) but I need to stay up for this trigger shot.  I joked with Matt if he could just give me the trigger shot while I’m sleeping.  I also have to be at Cornell tomorrow at 6:30 am for a pre-op meeting to go over my instructions.  They really don’t want me to sleep – scheduling my trigger at 11:15 pm and then telling me to come in by 6:30 am.  I actually thought I would get the day tomorrow off to sleep in if I was getting the trigger shot tonight … I was wrong.  

Dr. Chung personally called me today to go over the results and tell me that I was ready for the trigger shot.  He has been great throughout this process.  I cannot remember any other doctor personally reaching out as often and phoning patients the way Dr. Chung has.  I definitely recommend him.

As for my results and where I stand as I go into retrieval are this: I have 3 large follicles measuring roughly 18, 18, 15 as of this morning.  Just three … Dr. Chung even mentioned that this is a very low number considering my age.  He did mention I had a low AMH for my age and is not surprised by having a low number of eggs. I will have my retrieval on Monday and they will phone me on Tuesday with the results of how it went and if any eggs fertilized.  If atleast one (ideally two) look like they are progressing well, I will have a day 3 transfer which would be Thursday.

It’s funny, writing this usually eases my mind but in this case I am getting increasingly nervous and tense.  The lack of exercise is getting to me as I feel incredibly stiff and ancy lately due to it.  Usually in a situation of stress and nervousness, a good run will really help to ease my mind and body.  Without the ability to release it’s been more difficult.  

Sleep .. Sleep might be the answer.  Let’s take a quick snooze before 11 pm.  Let’s hope I don’t sleep through otherwise I am in huge trouble.  I am actually dozing as I write this so I better sign off before you see a  series of “sl;jfaoifjaewijfa;ofaofaj.afjoizj;z” because I fell asleep on the keyboard.

Til the next update.

Cheers to all the strong woman (and men!) out there.

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