Teagan’s first halloween!

Honestly, I didn’t spend as much time as I should have brainstorming ideas.  I was short on time and did start just looking on amazon for already made monkey costumes.

At one point, I was thinking of being the empire state building and Teagan being king kong – pretty awesome right?

kingknog   walker

The other front runner was the old woman costume with a walker …

I actually thought this picture could be Teagan!

In the end, we decided with everything going on in politics and the world – we would go for woman power .. and thus Rosie the Riveter was the winner!  That and it was fairly easy and economical to create – #kidmnml #costmnml and #timemnml!!


My mom was awesome and helped me make the pants (actually the pants were not in the original plan, but we had extra fabric and my mom suggested that we should.. and I thought, why not!)


I love that my mom is creative and likes creating things like I do.  We spent the night while Teagan was asleep making her costume, I made the headband while my mom made her pants.  It was a very sweet moment ..




What are the chances Teagan keeps both the headband and tolerates that board behind her?


There goes the headband!


trying to make a run for it while on my head! (not the best way to run away T …)


Hi, I’m Rosie the Riveter!

Here is a picture from the office halloween kids party!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 11.50.05 PM


and we spent the evening hoping between block parties in the neighborhood.  Gotta love NYC!!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 11.50.19 PM

Overall, we had a blast!

Til next halloween!! (perhaps next year dad and I will dress up with you Teagan!!)


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