Create an instagram inspired door / wall !

Bring your digital instagram to life! In just 3 easy steps ... I don't know about you, but I love seeing the beauty of instagram walls. I can easily scroll down to see past memories and posts easily. It always brings a smile to my face.  I recently realized how ironic...

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DIY chalkboard cityscape wall

I've been feeling the urge to nest!  When I was pregnant with T, I never had the chance to "nest" because we moved into our home only 2 weeks before T was born. It was less like nesting and more like me going crazy to just unpack and do as much as possible before T...

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Happy Birthday Cupcake Arrangement

Me: T, what do you want for your birthday? T: CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! .. T has been asking for cupcakes for her birthday for months now, so the pressure was definitely on to meet her expectations! Some of you know this, but for those who do not, Matt is an amazing baker!...

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DIY Owl Halloween Costume

Last year I waited to the last minute to make a halloween costume and decided this year I would plan ahead.  Well ... I planned ahead but then left the execution to the last minute!  Next year, perhaps I will get both planning and execution down ahead of schedule. :)...

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DIY : Painting the Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed Paint Project Here is the story behind this Murphy Bed.  I knew I wanted a murphy bed in my bedroom even though, I had plenty of space for a traditional standard bed.  The main reason was because I wanted the ability to transform the room into another use...

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DIY : Hallway Painting

Throw back to when I was 9 months pregnant (I believe I was only 1-2 weeks from my due date) & we JUST moved into our new apartment.  This is me, not being able to "nest" until now and trying to get as much done before the baby came.  Yes, I was the crazy pregnant...

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