Art at Home

Welcome to my little art collection at home. My friend Ignacio made a special request to go over the artwork I have hanging in my home.  So here it is! You can watch the video from the FB Live feed of it here: Original link to FB Live video HERE Below is some info...

DIY : Painting the Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed Paint Project Here is the story behind this Murphy Bed.  I knew I wanted a murphy bed in my bedroom even though, I had plenty of space for a traditional standard bed.  The main reason was because I wanted the ability to transform the room into another use...

DIY : Hallway Painting

Throw back to when I was 9 months pregnant (I believe I was only 1-2 weeks from my due date) & we JUST moved into our new apartment.  This is me, not being able to "nest" until now and trying to get as much done before the baby came.  Yes, I was the crazy pregnant...

Mission :: Closet Purge

I am guilty.  Guilty of having too much "stuff"!  I can make multiple excuses on why I have collected so many items of clothing, but the fact is I only wear about 5% of the closet you see here.  There is no excuse.  I am by no means an extreme minimalist, nor do I...

Maximize Your Vertical Space

I love floor plans.  I really do.  The floor plans of Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Gaudi inspire my creativity.  I love looking at my apartment’s floor plan and sketching different furniture placement and layouts.  Most of all I love looking at the floor plans of...

Why Should Your Family Go Minimal?

Before we start discussing the "whys" of minimalism, it is important to define what minimalism is.  Most people think minimalism means you live like a monk.  Giving away all money and possessions and only living off the bare essentials.  That is not true at all....



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